You do not know how excited I am to have you here. 
I created this blog in April 2015 but there have been so many changes since that time. This blog chronicles my story in a bid to finding and fulfilling purpose. After finishing my NYSC I felt so confused, where do I start? what do I do nextI searched for answers on what next after school and I was dissapointed with the results.  I know so many people who need guidance,  a friend or just re- assurance on the journey of life. This is what my blog will be for you and me. 

I am grooming community of people who will become a support system for each other in this journey!  
I have a weakness for children, especially the cute ones. When I am not writing, reading, creating online strategies for brands, speaking to women, young professionals or teenagers, attending an event or listening to music , I may be sleeping. 😊 nah it is not that serious. 

Professionally, I write and I have created badass content and digital strategies for amazing brands like Leading Ladies Africa, She Launched It, Metro Woman, Shanyi Organics, Access Bank ( The W Community and a host of others. I am the content manager for the amazing Sparkle Writers Hub and CEO of a Bridal Store, MABWeddings

Please refer to me as Oloriadedotun, I'm a daughter of The King. 


  1. Hey boo, I don't know what you did to me o, but I love you and your blog already.

  2. I have read through almost, if not all of your blog posts and i must say, i salute your originality.
    you are spot-on on a lot of things, and i celebrate you .
    big thumbs up. i am a famzer oooo. famzing you already.

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the posts. I would love to see more of you in the comment section.


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