Comfort is dangerous here's why

Monday, 8 January 2018

Amanda was earning N25,000 from her job as an 'intern' (lol graduate o). This is what Nigeria's economy has turned us into. You gotta do the dirty job or let's say the small girl work first before you can become oga madam. Isn't that what they tell us? No problem. She wasn't comfortable with the pay but she was determined to do her best.

"Your performance will determine your promotion here, if you work well enough, I'd be encouraged to give you bigger responsibilities. Just let me know what you can do." That was what Mr Sola, her boss said. She had to bring a new client every month. Not easy but yeah, it put her on her toes.

 Months after, she was steady and on a good income,  all the days of staying up late, preparing reports and proposals to clients paid off. Finally! 150K per month isn't bad at all. Those 'harsh' rules were reduced.

'Finally, I can rest.' She stopped looking actively for new clients, after all it was no longer her work besides her salary was now fixed she didn't need to kill herself anymore!

 She was comfortable.

This is the stage a number of us are. We have a similitude of comfort and we don't even realize when we stop growing, become stagnant and then start retrogressing.

I love how Adam Ehart puts it.

Comfort is the enemy of success, because the minute we feel comfortable we stop growing, stop pushing, and stop trying to improve.  There’s value in pushing your limits, testing the boundaries of your mind, body, business, and life, in an attempt to become a better person. The moment you start thinking you have gotten what you want, and are a little bit satisfied, you relax.

Danger!  This year don't glory in past successes, once you smash a goal set higher ones, that's the way to keep getting better.    Comfort is an enemy of progress

Why is it that some of the most successful people in the world have come from extremely poor, backgrounds. Many have been abused as children, lived on the streets as a teen, and in the first 20 years of their life, many have seen more of the terrible things that life can throw at a person than most people ever see in their own lifetime.

Maybe part of their upbringing has given them something special. A desire to never go back to the darkest places they have been. It is more than a desire, it is a must to get so far away from that place. To almost remove themselves from it totally so that going back there can never happen again.  Remember how many Nigerian stars will day their motivation for success is the desire to never feel hungry again?  Exactly! They use the pain to their advantage and do not get comfortable with mediocrity.

When you are comfortable you are highly unlikely to have the motivation to do what you have to do for success.

It doesn't matter what you achieve. Stay hungry for more.

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