Thursday, 12 October 2017

I am as shocked as you are. When did we shout Happy New Year? Or better still when did we celebrate my birthday and we are left with just 80 days in 2017!

Next question that comes to my head is 'Lord what have I achieved? and what more can I do before the end of the year?'  I am sure you are thinking pretty much the same thing. As difficult as it sounds, it is possible to achieve incredible things before this year runs out.

Wondering how? I've got you covered.

I know you don't want to but please re visit your plans & list your achievements for the year

This is usually not the best thing to say to somebody who feels like the better part spent in this year has been wasted but its a wise thing to do. Open up the pages of your journal to where you wrote all your plans for  the new year and look at what you have achieved and where you are slacking. This way you know what needs urgent attention and where you have scored high.  Life is busy, and months tend to blur together.  Take stock of what has and not happened this year. For example I became better with my savings when I found the great @piggybankng . So I won't be ending 2017 as a broke child ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Clear dead weight 
Even the Bible asks us to lay aside every weight of sin that easily besets us! There is no how you can make the most of the latter part of the year if you are carrying truckload of issues, unread emails, unfinished assignments and projects, a room that has a little bit of everything everywhere , untapped ideas. You need to clear everything.

 I am starting with my yahoo mail. God knows I am so scared of opening it because of the over 3,000 unread messages but every morning I get a new one I'm bothered. We need a sense of space and order around us to function properly . Make it happen 

Take everyday, one at a time 

The same way 285 days passed in the year is the way the remaining 80 days would go to. Instead of worrying about all you have to do before the year runs out, take each day at a time. Maximizing the 24 hours you have judiciously, making your 2017 dreams come true one decision at a time, doing all you have to do QUICK. 

I believe that if you follow these tips and become more deliberate you'd be amazed at what you achieved in just 80 days. 

Love Oloriadedotun

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