What 's happening to our values ?

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

During my National Youth Service, I lived in a tertiary institution environment so I had the privilege to live with students. I saw a lot of things that bothered me especially the way they live their lives like they do not care about the consequences of their actions. They probably do not care anyway.  

Ideally one would think that what should be sold primarily in a student environment would be exercise books, textbooks, food items, provisions, clothes and other things associated with student life, except for a few exceptions to the rule but their own cases was different. 

I was taking a stroll on my street and walked past one of the stalls where noodles, soft drinks, bread, kerosene and other food items were sold when I saw two guys just beside the stall and what I saw amazed me. Condoms were being displayed in the open for people to buy. Although I know most of you might not see what in the world is so wrong with that, but I do! I see everything wrong here. Let me explain. 

I am not saying that everyone in a tertiary institution is a saint, and I am not disputing the fact that things like that go on in schools, but I believe that it has gotten to its peak where people shamelessly give their bodies ( ladies and gents) in the name of modernity. It is wrong! Because everybody is doing it does not make it right please. And allowing this condom thing to sell like biscuit is accepting that they can have 'Safe Sex' since abstaining is SO hard. It is not right. If we are trying to solve a problem, we should do so from the root not the stem. There is a decay in our value and moral standards. People have lost it. No value for themselves or their bodies not to talk of their fellow human beings.

 Let me give you another example that happened in this same student environment. I wanted to buy a drug because I had been ill for a long period of time. On getting to the pharmacy, I forgot the name of the drug prescribed by the doctor so I started stammering the woman in charge of the pharmacy looked at me and smiled, she then asked me why I was being shy about asking for the 'abortion drug.' 

I was like ehn, abort keh? She asked why I was being shy? Probably because she thought I was in 100l (she did not even know that I was not a student). She even advised me to just buy the drug in excess because it easily finishes. I was like whaaaaaaaat! She said it sells just like panadol. No joke.  

When did condom become so acceptable amongst a community filled with unmarried people? The fact that people don’t see it as a problem in itself is a problem. So is no one ashamed to reveal that his/ her body is being defiled? This is Biblically and morally wrong. What exactly is the problem? Have parents stopped teaching the right things? Have we compromised on the truth or is westernization affecting us this much? 

I think it is high time we all re-evaluate what our values are. What do you consider right and wrong, what are the things that you have compromised on

I’ve made my stand known, what about you? Please leave your comments.๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Olori,

    A friend told me her aunt is considering placing her first daughter on contraceptives to prevent her from getting pregnant because she cant pretend she does not know her daughter is having premarital sex!

    This daughter was not even a graduate at that time. She was still trying to find her feet.

    I said she is encouraging her daughter to do what is wrong. My friend said its better than getting pregnant and then have to abort.

    Seems we parents are part of the problem. We should not watch our children make poor choices and give them a pat on the back like everything is alright.


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