Some people have a presence. Do you? x Useful Tips

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

You must have experienced this before. You are in a room, probably having a meeting and everyone is talking freely; all of a sudden, the atmosphere in the room changes. You can hear footsteps and the closer they get the more eager you are to see who it is.

Then you look around and see that most people are already looking back; everyone wants to have a look, and when you finally see the person you are like "who's that lady?" (If it's a lady sha)

Some people just have a presence. They come into a room and everything changes; the air smells nicer and they exude confidence. They don't even have to speak before you accord them respect. There's an aura around them. When some of them speak, you fall in love even more.

So how do they do it?

If you are one of the people I'm referring to, don't forget to give us tips and tricks in the comment section o.😉

Own It 
It is almost impossible to have that presence I am talking about when you have so many insecurities -your fat/yam legs, your visibly big tummy, your 'christian mother' arms or your stammering issues. Despite all these, don't you have stuff you can be proud of? Of course you do - your incredible voice, your beautiful smile, and so much more. So, why focus on the negative?

You don't have to put on a show and pretend like you are perfect. It should be something that is a part of you. Be yourself.  Be the best version ever and see how everyone would love you for who you are. You have a presence already. You just have not realized it, or don't know how to show it.

Be comfortable 

Even if I don't know anything else, I know that if you are comfortable with your self you'd be confident and on the way to achieving that presence we are talking about. Some people will be going for an event and because they want to 'belong' by fire by force, they will wear heels that they cannot carry. Biko, who sent you?  If you are not comfortable with the shoes, the dress or that make up that you know in your heart is too much, why bother?  You will be so self conscious looking for the best corner to hide or wobbling down the stairs because of that 6 inch you are wearing.

Work on / Embrace those disgraceful flaws

Arggh! So I know that no matter what I say except you work on some of those flaws you will never have that confidence that gives you a presence. Some things cannot be changed but if there's something that can be changed, then make an effort! I know people who have drastically reduced how much they stammer by working on their speech. However, some things can't be changed (like your height). So, you just have to live with them gracefully!

Whatever the case maybe Lift your head high,  Stand tall and Rock yourself! You are awesome just as you are!

Much Love

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  1. I want this type of presence...
    Btw, wanted to let you know I love the first two paragraphs. It was descriptive and it got my attention.
    I want to be able to write like this...


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