Monday, 14 August 2017

Hey hey hey!!!

If you are a big fan of the Oloriadedotun Blog then you must know that this was a category that we had before but for some reason I didn't continue.. That's over now because this category is back!

If you are new on this blog please read the first and second posts in this series  ( it will help you know me better☺️ )

I am really excited because I get to share some extra fun stuff and reduce the seriousness on this blog so how about we dive into it plus I'd be sharing some fun pictures it's a win- win situation.

My weekend started out great you know. I wasn't able to go to the Redemption Camp from the beginning of the convention unlike last year but I was able to attend Friday's Holy Ghost Service and I was glad I did. People say the reason they don't fancy going to camp is because of the stress of going, getting seats if you get there late and the cold but all those things add to the experience for me really. 😏😏😏

I don't know if you know this, but I am in the choir in my church, I love what I do in church but if there was one thing I could change it would be the uniform structure. Urghh.  This Sunday I had to wear one combination I didn't really like. Yellow and Red I complained so much about it and only imagined the worst. So when I went to the market I just bought a yellow shirt and planned to wear it with my red skirt. only for me to come to church yesterday and see my choir members dressed in yellow tops looking really nice, I wish I got a picture.

I felt so sad , I was looking one kind with my plain yellow shirt so when I got the opportunity to pick something from home I acted like a sharp girl and changed to a yellow blazer. Loved it.

I think I have a picture.


There is always an opportunity to make a seemingly bad situation much better. Before you conclude that nothing can be done, think again. I have learnt now any uniform can be redeemed. Hopefully. Lol

I spent the rest of my day at a surprise birthday party and for me the bestest part of the party was the reaction of the celebrant's face when he saw us in his house screaming - SURPRISE

I cannot wait to organize a surprise party. just for that reaction.  Like my sister said yesterday, they are major family goals .

See a few pictures from the party; you can also see the yellow and red combination I was talking about.

Look at how I styled the yellow and red here. Much better than wearing a plain yellow shirt and looking like a capsule. 

That's how my weekend went, how was yours?
Have an amazing week ahead.

Much Love

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  1. Looks like you had a splendid weekend. Mine was stressful cause of school move-in. Lovely post


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