Half year review and projections – Do you dare?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Heeeeeeeeeeey! So who missed me? I missed YOU! It is July and since this is my first post here this month allow me to say Happy New Month. 

It’s July so how about a goal review? 

I know how excited everyone or let me say most of us were to set our goals at the beginning of the year. I think I documented mine here, (eesh I actually did not). Well I documented it in my journal and just like me many of us did the same thing. But you would agree with me that 6 months is no joke and enough time to at tick some things off your list (If you've been on top of your goals though)

As much as you dread this because you  know you  haven’t been  faithful enough with your goals, vision boards and all those other things you created at the beginning off the year,  I think it is wisdom to review your activities and see how you can perform better so even if you made a mess of the first half the next months will be much better. 

First thing you’ve got to do is go back to the journal or where you wrote your goals for 2017 and take a look at everything you said you wanted to do this year. This gives you a glimpse into your mind early in the year when you were full of hope and optimism (I know some of us are not so interested in our goals any more.) How far did you go? Can you tick some things off your list? If yes then you deserve a high five✋. If no, you need a spanking😁 and then you should get back to the review. (I really won’t spank you but you know you’ve not done so well)

How many things have you achieved, what still needs to be done? What do you need to get things done? Highlight all these carefully. 

For those you couldn’t make happen, what went wrong? Did you set standards that are too high? Have you been waiting for the right time? That time is NOW. Or did you just become lazy and distracted with other things, or do you lack the skills needed to achieve what you want? You need to find out. Once you identify your mistakes, RE-STRATEGIZE!

Change those bad habits - waking up late, procrastinating, not paying attention to detail. Stop it! Let's believe you used the first half of the year for dress rehearsals and planning, wake up it is GAME TIME! There's no need to keep going around in circles, identify those traits that didn’t allow you achieve so much and then work on how to trash them else they will deal with you, then
GET TO WORK and like Steve Harris would say, RUTHLESS EXECUTION. 

I am Ready, are you? 
Cheers to an intentional second half of the year.


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