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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I don't like being broke. I bet you don't either, so how come this always tends to happen. By the middle of the month its like we never owned any money. The economic issues in the country makes matters worse even if you want to pretend that you don’t know what is happening in Nigeria, the following things will remind you: Newspapers, News blogs, journalists, ..... It’s like that’s the only thing they are talking about right now. Sellers have hiked prices of goods including akara (bean cake). Yep! I love akara and apart from once in a blue moon when we make it in my house, we buy it from a woman in front of my house. Sadly the akara has lost weight yet its more expensive. 😞😢.

Personal development is not just about leadership, career and skills; our finances must also be on point. How about talking about ways to help manage our money and possibly increase what we earn? I'm up for it. Are you? 

I Budget 
Don’t even try to roll your eyes at me. It is the simple truth. You can’t afford to just do unplanned buying. If not you’d end up having everything even the unnecessary things and in addition to that, an empty pocket. Buy only the things you NEED. Plan any money you get, no matter how little. I didn't like budgeting so much but I'm learning. Budgeting is one thing but sticking to it is another work.  Most times I will write my budget and find out I am not following it at alllll. I am doing my best and you should too. It is not easy but its always worth it. 

If you are like me and you love going to the market (these days I enjoy going to Eko (Lagos market) to help everyone in my family buy stuff), don’t take your ATM card or carry excess money if not you’d spend it all.Then by middle of the month you’d be looking for transport fare to go to work. I bet that doesn’t sound so nice.

I tell myself the truth
Hmmm. Some of us like doing more than our ability. If you can’t afford something, leave it alone. This is the worst time to start buying things on credit. Ladies don't allow anybody in your office force you to buy one perfume or shoe because that’s what all those big girls are wearing. Abi, you want to koba yourself ni (Do you want to get into trouble)?  I try my best to tell people the truth, I do not buy things on credit. PERIOD. You should too. 

I cut down my desires 
I like fruits a whole lot. I can go a day without eating, but not sure I can go a day without taking fruits. But I've had to cut down on how much I spend on fruits daily. There are some things that you looooove, like your chocolates (yeah I know you are already saying 'not my chocolates'). But, can you afford to buy as many packs as you used to buy? If you used to buy dresses every month just because there was a new design you better watch it and wear what you have. No unnecessary spending.

I am developing multiple streams of income
Chai!. I'm really not into business. I can’t count how many times I have said that to myself and everybody. But it is not wise to live on just one salary. Look for something else that you can do to bring extra cash (nothing illegal ooo). What value can you add? Find a side hustle and increase your flow of income.

I’m coming up with something pretty soon, so watch this space. The business side of me is coming out like never before. After all, I have to practice what I reach right?

I am praying for Nigeria
Don’t you think this one is important too? We need to keep praying so Nigeria can come out of this recession quickly and for things to become better.  They say we are coming out already but we need proof. We can’t continue like this forever.

What are you doing about your finances? Let me know in the comments section.. 

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on how to manage finance. I love your suggestion of getting another stream of income, that will really help a lot. Thanks


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