I practiced what I preached but things did not turn out as I expected

Friday, 9 June 2017

I am not even sure of why I am sharing this story but oh well. I have started so there is no going back. You know how I always talk about going after what you want, speaking up and making things happen for yourself? Well I did that. Sadly, I did not get the fairy tale ending we all expect.

This is my story.
I am quite shy although I am working seriously on it. This post is proof. So when I go for events I am not necessarily the most vocal person. I was invited to emcee an event for Teenagers, (my first opportunity to do that officially) and I was very excited. Why would I not be, it was another opportunity for me to slay, talk, impact and help fulfill someone else's dream. I had already planned how I would share the pictures with everyone.

After making sure my dress was ready I just wanted the day to come finally I mean who wouldn't want free pictures!  If I am correct the hangout  was on May 27, 2017 and I was a bit ill that day but I knew I just had to go. I didn't want to disappoint Ope (He is the convener of the hangout).

Now the interesting part.

I have always loved how bloggers would go for events and return with beautiful pictures to post on instagram, their blog and whatever social media platform they are on. I just never did it. How would I go and be famzing photographers because of picture?

On this day, I was gingered, I knew it wasn't going to be easy walking up to a photographer and asking for a picture. After all, I had never done that before but during the hangout I went, asked for a picture, I was even posing and the photographer graciously obliged. He promised to send me copies like asap. Through out the rest of the event all I could think of were my pictures. I had seen them and they were LIT!! Trust me..

The hangout ended, everybody went home, but my pictures were on my mind. This was the first time I walked up to a photographer for a picture of me during an event and I wanted to share my achievement with everyone.

So two days after I started seeing pictures of the event upandan (everywhere) and I'm like 'where's my picture???' After waiting for some hours I asked Ope and he goes " They didn't send anything like that but I will ask."

Shebi na to ask

No problem. I was waiting. When I didn't hear from Ope again I sent another message. Kai, his reply was heart breaking. ' Dotun, his oga (boss) has deleted your pictures o.' It was like they poured cold water on my body. Picture I bragged about, and was already doing my happy dance for, deleted???

Disappointed couldn't aptly describe how I felt. But I learnt a profound lesson. Even when you make the seemingly right decisions, and do everything right, things will not always turn your way, Deal with it . Life can still throw sour pills when you've done everything 'right'.

You may have gone through some sort of disappointment in your life but don't allow it conquer you.
Don't worry when I successfully take awesome pictures at an event I will share my testimony.
But in the mean time here are the pictures from the event (the one our oga did not delete)

That's me and the convener of the hangout 

Probably my serious face

With the speakers and convener. Oya spot me 😁

I think Mr Wale Bakers was answering a question here 

Oh well  this is proof that I was a great MC!

Is it obvious that I was trying to laugh here?

Much Love


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