Everybody is getting ahead and you seem stuck, here's what you need to do

Friday, 9 June 2017

Yeah I know how it feels. You graduated years ago, your mates have served, some of them are married or maybe you haven't even gotten admission to school yet and your secondary school mates are going to convoke this year; you feel left behind.

Some of us on the other hand are making some form of progress. But looking at what others have achieved, your growth seems inconsequential.

For some people this has already dealt with their self esteem in ways I may not be able to describe. Others feel so insecure and many are beaten up. You avoid your friends just because you are scared that the discussion can end up at your failures or how obvious your slow progress is. You may even be discouraged. At this point you are like 'I don't care anymore.'  So what do you do?

Stop the comparison

The Bible says comparing themselves with themselves they are not wise.
Trying to use another person's achievements and standards to weigh yours is not wisdom. I believe that the reason some people's lives seem better than yours is because you have spent so much time envying them and have neglected working on yourself, and creating the life of your dreams.

You know I used to do a lot of comparisons and I was never happy with the results. Everybody around me was always better than me. My gifts, talents and abilities ranked zero beside that of others and I would be depressed for days. But, depression didn't change things. It didn't make me happy or content.
Stop the comparison. Just stop!

Celebrate yourself 
If you think carefully you will realize that there are a few things you must have done right. I mean things cannot be that bad. List all those things you have achieved and celebrate yourself a little.
When you finish a task at the office and your boss commends you celebrate it. Most of the people you are envying are just enjoying their process and celebrating seemingly little achievements . It is time you start doing the same thing. You deserve it.

Re-evaluate your life
If you are feeling like your life is not making so much sense there must be a reason for that. Find out why. What is it you are not doing right, what mistakes have you made? All these are pointers as to what you need to change and improve to have a better life. Do not be afraid to tell yourself the truth. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes, we all do, what is important is that we know how to correct them.

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Ah you can tell me what you have done when you felt this way. Would be glad to hear from you too.
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