Do you deserve the job?

Thursday, 22 June 2017

I am not going to be harsh but I will say the truth. It is easy, very easy to say "there is no job outside" on the other hand how many people deserve the job they are asking for?

I mean it o. Can we handle the responsibilities that come with that job you want?

I'd give you this example. So I know someone who runs a creche and in looking for qualified and staff to handle the teach the children, I saw a lot of nonsense. There were a lot of unqualified people who applied - I hear that is not a new thing but I know there was a woman who was actually qualified let's just call her - Miss Qualified. When we saw her application we were elated and could not wait to interview her but we had to follow protocol so we booked a date for the interview. The interview time was 1:00 pm and she was informed three days before the scheduled date,

A few hours before the interview she called and said she was not going to make it for 1:00 pm. Imagine who calls to change interview time a few hours before. She moved it to 3:00 pm and still didn't show up. Her boss, the other interviewer and a few of us waited endlessly o. She didn't come at all. Did not call and did not even bother to send a text. I don't get. Miss Qualified still did not do anything. To make matters worse, in the goodness of our heart we called, sent text still nothing.

Now I think I didn't mention this before , forgive me. We know Miss Qualified  but never knew she had all those qualifications.  A few days after we were coming back from church in the evening and we saw Miss Qualified, guess what happened, she ran towards us and was trying  to explain to her would be employer why she didn't show up that day!

For me that was the height. Howwwwwwwww??? Who does that? So you didn't know anyway to contact your boss? To start with nobody begged you to apply, you sent your CV and this is how you show yourself and bad attributes?

It is sad. Now I know you'd probably say " I can never do something like this" But do you show up late or go unprepared to your interview? do you add any VALUE to the company, can you work unsupervised and deliver results or are you wasting space? (sorry for being so blunt)

Please note these things. If you don't deserve the job, don't ask for it. You'd make a mess of yourself. Instead take on something smaller, work on your mistakes, learn about emotional intelligence and become a better person. Then SLAY on that job 😆

Much Love

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