Live Your Dreams Africa is the ultimate event for every young professional, here's why

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

"A dream is the act of seeing the invisible. When you share your dream with people, it will look like fairytale. For you to speak it, you must have believed in it. If you believe it, you will keep speaking it even when it does not make sense to anyone around you. Be so passionate about your dreams that you can’t stop speaking it... 

My pocket was empty but my faith was full. I have always aimed high. I kept talking about my dreams and my goals. When you get to that position, you become like one obsessed; you can’t stop. A vision is appointed to speak; though it tarry, it must come to pass." ~~~Cosmas Maduka.

Now how amazing was that  ?????
This is an excerpt from one of the mind blowing sessions at Live Your Dreams Africa 4.0.  If you know me, then you'd know I don't just talk because I feel like, so when I call something the ultimate event for every young professional you know that I'm not joking.  Live Your Dreams Africa is it!

I attended for the first time last year and it was LIT in all shapes and forms. The speakers and panelists held nothing back when they shared their struggles and successes with us; something that is lacking in so many events. Everybody just talks about the good sides of things. So it was glad to see successful people baring it all.  It helps young professionals to put things into perspective. 

I remember Mr. Cosmas Maduka, the President of Coscharis Group's session and one thing that stuck with me was how he was not going to allow anyone, not even his mother who had tried to tame him for dreaming "too big", belittle his dreams.
He told her point blank, "IT IS MY DREAM, NOT YOURS." 
That's a truckload of confidence and if you need a boost for you to keep dreaming and smashing your goals as a young professional, then I will recommend LYDA. 

It is FREE but you have to register here - 

This year's speakers include Adebola Williams (I heard him speak in Babcock University for the first time and I received sense, ☺). Mai Atafo, Yetunde Zacchaeus, Bez and other amazing people.I will end this post with Toke Makinwa's quote from last year.  

"There is no shame in the hustling process of your journey. Take the time to grow"

See you at LYDA 5.0



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