Thursday, 25 May 2017

Hello there! 
How is your day going?  Splendid I hope!

I want to share something very brief, but please do take every word seriously. 

How do you feel when you get back from a really long journey and sonnebody has cooked your best meal, and has even gone ahead to get a very cold drink to help ‘step it down?'😊 I know right, pure joy!  I would be grinning from chin to chin? You know why? Because someone had me in mind even before I came.

"BEFORE I shaped you in the womb, I knew ALL about YOU, BEFORE you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for YOU!" 
How awesome is that? I think this statement is deeper than some of us have imagined. How can somebody completely know you even before your existence, if not because He is solely interested and in love with you? Well, that’s what your creator says about YOU! Simply put, you ain't a mistake and you are definitely not alone. He had you in mind even before your beginning!

Most of us have given ourselves the final judgment and have allowed what family, friends, co-workers and even enemies say or do to belittle, affect and even rubbish what the Master has planned for us. You didn’t create yourself; neither did those people saying crap about you so why let it define you? Even in your present and seemingly awful state, God has not forgotten the original image he had in mind when He created you. He remembers vividly how he made you fearfully and wonderfully to show forth His praises, He made you your own kind and gave you your own purpose.

This may seem like one of those usual talks you have heard, but I am not sure you understand the power a potter has to mould even the ugliest and most shapeless lump of clay into the most beautiful flower pot,if only the clay is willing, submissive and patient. God is not finished with you yet! The fact that the next person to you (who may not be struggling as much as you are) is making it does not mean He has no plans for you.

Even before you were born, the master plan for your life had been drawn and you were already declared successful. It is too late to think that he does not care! He cared before you knew what that word meant.  God is truly concerned about you! You are precious to him!
It is just too late to think otherwise!

Much love,


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