For How Long?

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

'Corper please give me five minutes. I want to call my friend. I'm not sure I am carrying over this course.' Ehn! I was stunned, No confused, Sorry Alarmed!
How could he say he was not sure whether or not he had a carryover in the course. That means no matter what happened if he was actually taking the course he had already failed again (except of course he was going to cheat, something that was already a norm in the school). I allowed him make the call and continued sharing exam scripts to the rest of the students (all of them carryover students).

After a few minutes I looked outside and saw him frantically calling whoever asking if this was the course he was carrying over. I was just wondering how unserious a person would be not to know if he was carrying over a course even up till the point of receiving exam questions. I had heard of carry over students not attending classes, but this was the height. How could a person be so unserious!

It was my 2nd time invigilating in this school and I knew that my spirit was already vexed. All I could see was the deteriorating educational system. The first exam I invigilated was also a calculation course like this one. In a class of 37 students, I could barely count 22 calculators and about 4 were not working! How was the exam supposed to go on without any form of cheating? In both exams several students called me aside to explain to me that they were finalists (ND2 students) hence I should just allow them 'help themselves.' In the first exam of a class of 37 students, I could count just 1 student who wasn't cheating.

Then I thought of this class, 24 carryover students and all of them were cheating. I even learnt new methods of cheating the most alarming was the direct request of a student asking me to please pass her blank exam paper to her friend who will fill it with answers and I would return it back! I thought cheating was supposed to be hidden? These ones couldn't be bothered.

The other invigilator who seized some papers and punished some of them kept complaining that the students would never pass because they didn't know anything. He lamented that even with the way they cheated the scripts will either be empty or filled with so much nonsense. I smiled. Talk about writing nonsense with confidence.

I  remember how I had given a class of over 200 students an assignment and they wrote the same thing! No jokes. It was an assignment for them to read and summarize Chimmamanda Adiche's Purple Hibiscus in their own words.

Some of them cannot speak proper English, not to talk of constructing a proper sentence (Mass communication students oo), others hardly attend classes. I know some of their lecturers don't teach properly and there are so many things wrong with the system. I also know some of them are academically good, but the percentage is too little.

For how long will exam malpractice be a solution to passing exams? These kind of students can't compete with their counterparts in other schools not to talk of competing with students globally. It is really saddening. What's the point of going to school if you don't acquire knowledge? I mean that's the first thing you are there for. That's why our certificates are becoming valueless. We are producing graduates who can't write or read.

This is not to be proud but in 4 years of my stay in university, I NEVER cheated. I just couldn't. And this is not to say I was not tempted to. Mehn there were times cheating seemed like the only option. I remember French and Data Analysis exams even philosophy.  That philosophy exam was bad because I was this close to failing. I could hardly understand the questions so I was free styling because I knew I could NOT cheat.

Enough talk, what exactly is the solution? This thing is painful o! This is the future of Nigeria guys. Tell me what you think in the comments section you can't imagine how much I want to read your comments.

Much Love


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