4 Habits to help you increase your productivity

Monday, 3 April 2017

Happy New Month and Happy Monday! 
Hope you ended March on a high note? The picture is proof that mine was great! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The first quarter of the year is gone already. ( Wonder why people count three months as one quarter , I thought it was supposed to be four months? But hey they say it's one quarter so...)

Back to the post for today. So three full months have gone in 2017 already, how productive have these months been? Have you just been running around in circles or you have made significant progress?

I shared on Instagram today two ways of knowing if you are productive or not. If you fall into the category of the unproductive people you are in the right place, If you haven't seen the post you are probably not following me on Instagram. You should follow me asap.

One of the major things I shared on Instagram is that it is not enough to be busy day in day out, if the 'busyness' has not produced anything. Sometimes we run up and down through out the day and can't point to completing any major task on our to do list.

That has to stop, today.

These habits I have graciously outlined will help you increase your productivity by at least 50 percent. Trust me.

Habit 1. Plan ahead

If you know how much I have suffered because I failed to do this. Now, I know better and I'm getting better. See, things will always come up. Whether or not you have a plan for your day, something is bound to occupy your time whether it is emergency work, catching up with trends on social media, friends or family. There will always be something to do so if you don't plan ahead, you may never get real work done. Today is Monday, do you have a proper plan of how your week is supposed to turn out? Planning out your week is as simple as doing a to do list. It just helps to guide you and ensure that your day doesn't end and you are wondering what happened. You may not always be able to check off everything from the list but it will serve as a guide.

Habit 2. Focus on yourself in the morning. 
Most times when we wake up, the first thing we check is our phones, emails, social media account. You want to know what you missed during the night. Why don't you use your mornings to focus on what you need for the day. Pray, exercise, meditate, plan,  Don't let other people decide and dictate what you should accomplish, Making the most of your early mornings will give you the necessary boost for a productive day.

Habit 3. Stop multi tasking

I know somebody is thinking I made a mistake with this point. No I didn't. Many times, multi- tasking stops you from finishing anything. You will start five different projects and at the end you won't finish anything. Finish one task before you start another one. It's that simple. I hear that changing tasks more than 10 times a day even drops your IQ more than 10 points. Not so nice right? Now you know better.

Habit 4: Stop being Lazy or procrastinating 

Nobody likes to admit to laziness, or do you? But whether you like it or not, laziness and procrastination are the number one reasons for unproductivity. If you are lazy, you run away from tasks , never do things at the appropriate time, or you just want life to be easy for you, you can never be productive. You will find yourself always behind schedule and struggling to keep up with the rest
of the world. The only thing to do is to stop it! It's that simple. Stop procrastinating, stop being lazy.

Much Love,

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