Proof that being a perfectionist is no longer cool

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

There is nothing special about being a perfectionist anymore, do you agree? I think all perfectionists have a big problem, we (because I am one) hardly ever get anything done because wait for everything to be right, date (must be even number) weather must be on point, finances intact and quality must be top notch before we can start anything.

When we can't get things right we don't start at all .Isn't that just sad?

There is a difference between being a perfectionist and having the spirit of excellence.
Someone who has the spirit of excellence will START with what he has and continue to improve until he gets the best. Most perfectionists never get to start. You see the difference right?

Here are 4 fool proof ways of knowing that you are a perfectionist and you need to do something about it.

You obsess about previous mistakes. 
If you can't sleep well because you are turning and tossing on your bed thinking of what you could have done better ( even when everything seems to have gone well) you are a perfectionist. You need to be able to celebrate your success and not create a scene in your mind when things don't go as planned. Life is not that hard my dear. Most times you are wondering 'what if I did this differently, I would have gotten a better result?' and you go on and on and on.
What's even worse is that the smaller the mistake the worse you feel.  It's time to move on.

You prefer to give up on a task than not do it to your 'standard.'

I can totally relate with this. I have at many times refused to do stuff like play games with friends, act in a drama or play football ( for fun o) because I suck at those things. I feel like if I can't do it well, why bother? Please don't be like me. I think the reason why most of us do this is because we have a very competitive spirit and want to be best at everything even games!
If you continue like this you will just be boring and a bit difficult to relate with because people won't know how to engage you properly and still have fun.

The day I let down my guard and played PS2 with Fikunwa ( my cousin) I had fun. I think he let me win sha. But it didn't matter to me.

You don't always have to win, you can do it for relationship sake or just to have a good time.

You are a people pleaser

You may not want to accept this hard truth but it doesn't stop it from being the truth. Most perfectionists glory in hearing people say 'well done; 'great job,'  'you are the best.' Most times you become overly worried when someone is not pleased with your work or when you don't get an applause. Again this in its entirety is not so bad but you must learn how to work well not for an applause but because you love what you are doing.

You are tooooo hard on yourself (way too hard)

Even when you have achieved so much you always have a way of belittling it because you want more. Whenever something goes wrong you become too hard on yourself whether or not its your fault. You are quick to beat yourself up and feel bad about a mistake for a long long while.Hmm there is no doubt about it, you are a perfectionist.

If you read this thinking Olori, this is me o. Then you are one step closer to your solution.
My next post will talk about how to manage this situation to ensure that you are not shooting yourself in the leg in the name of being 'perfect'

I hope you will look out for it. 😀

Much Love,

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