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 So this is the surprise I've been saving and saving for a while and I'm super excited to reveal it today. If you follow me on instagram ( You must definitely should) then you've probably read the introduction to this series. But if you haven't let me give you a brief. 

  Untold Stories was introduced because of YOU. What you focus on becomes your reality. There's something that happens when you constantly see your mates, walking in purpose, fulfilling their dreams. Except you don't have your own dreams, ( which is a big big problem) you will wake up.

So remember my promise when the Oloriadedotun Blog re-launched? Giving your purpose expression. Yeah, I will be here putting these young people in your face, reminding you that you should start working on your dreams and encouraging you not to think of giving up. 

Enough of the long story can we just go straight to Omotayo's interview?

I met her for the first time during the volunteer meetings for the Becoming Conference and I was interested after hearing that she was a ready to wear fashion entrepreneur and would showcase her dresses at Becoming. How did she agree to something like that, is she not scared that nobody will like her clothes? I looked at her again, she didn't look scared. Fast forward to the Becoming Conference and her show was amazeballs ( Haha somebody is wondering what that means).  I heard her story and I was in love...

Omotayo is the first of four girls, she lost her mom at the age of 14, dropped out of school because her dad cared less what happened to them, did menial jobs to help her sisters through school and now... I cannot wait for you to read . 

Olori: Hello Omotayo, how are you doing? Before we continue the interview can I just say this- I think you are really beautiful. ( insert shy smile) 

      Atinuke: Awwn awwn, thank you, and this is not out of courtesy, you are beautiful too/

Olori: So back to the interview who is Omotayo Atinuke Junaid?

Atinuke: I am just a girl that loves God, humanity and fashion. I have three younger sisters and we live together, I own a ready to wear fashion outfit for women and also run a non-profit organization focused on menstrual hygiene management for girls and women in rural Nigeria.

 Olori You are the CEO of 3113, Lead volunteer Safe &Smart and you are only 23 years old, how have you been coping?

Atinuke : It is so obvious that God has been helping me, that is like a lot. He helps me to choose the right and supportive people to work with, He brings really amazing people my way as friends, partners and mentors. Looks like oh it has been easy right? No!

Look at her pretty sisters! 

·    Olori: Do you sometimes feel like the work load is too much for you?

Atinuke: I do feel burdened sometimes and I allow myself to just break down and cry, but not for too long. Whether the problem, challenge or emotions goes away or not, I let joy override. 

Olori: You have showcased your designs at events like Becoming 2016. What gives you the confidence to showcase your dresses?  Are you not afraid that perhaps people won’t like what you spent hours to create?
Atinuke: Like seriously? It is like you are in my head. A lot of times I get scared. When I wanted to start this about 7 months ago this was part of my fears and I share it with some of the people that mattered to me. I just knew that I have gone past that stage, because that fear has stopped me from executing so many things and I wasn’t going to allow it again.

·    Olori:  What does ‘Do It Afraid’ mean to you?

Atinuke: For me, it means taking a leap without caring about what people say, in fact what will people say’ is adventurous and these days I really want to hear it, after all I will never know if I don’t try.
Olori:  How confident were you when you started your fashion company and what has kept you going?

Atinuke: I was really confident, afraid but super confident. I somehow just trusted myself and I was really done with saying and not doing.

·     Olori: I know it’s easy for young people to only see the success and not the hustle behind it all. Can you tell us a few things you’ve had to struggle with to get to where you are today?

Atinuke: I am still on a journey, but there is no such thing as a smooth road, I have done odd jobs, like collecting stipends to serve at parties, slept in neighbor’s store for months, faced sexual harassment from bosses, couldn’t afford sanitary pads, starved to save up for school fees and courses after school, I have sold orisirisi……it has been challenging but every single thing shaped me.

·     Olori:  Since I know you are not an alien, you have probably felt discouraged a number of times. Can you share the story of when you were at your lowest point and what did you do to pick yourself up?

      Atinuke: Being discouraged I think is part of life and when it happens, I just identify and agree with myself that I am discouraged, I have done different things at different times to pick up myself  up but the most frequent one is  reminding the reason I started whatever it in the first place and talking to someone about it.
     Olori: This may be a difficult question because its personal, but I would be glad if you can answer it because some people who are going through something similar can benefit from your story. Have your forgiven your dad for abandoning you and your siblings and why?

      Atinuke: Sure I have. I am sure I swore not to and I even had wicked plans for him. I just had to , it came from a place of understanding that I am actually hurting myself more if I didn’t , I might even be hindering some or even most of what God have planned for me, I might not see it. I did it for myself, God, my siblings and every single destiny attached to me.

·     Olori:  Since you are such a fashionista, I can’t let you go without asking you for expert advice! How can the average young lady slay effortlessly? (We want practical tips o)

      Atinuke: Looool……. This is pretty  simple,. Wear what you have with confidence, no need catching up on trends or the next big fashion items.

·    Olori: Can you tell us the name of one young person with an incredible story that has blessed you

     Atinuke: Raquel Jacobs. Her story, demeanor and lifestyle blesses me always.

·    Olori: I know Pastor. Mrs. Debola Deji Kurunmi is your mentor because you have mentioned it a number of times on instagram, what would you like to tell her right now?

     Atinuke: She knows I love her……errm so what else? Thank you so much DDK for every single thing that you do , you are a blessing. Even your ‘emceeing’ and jokes blesses.

·    Olori:  Please complete this statement

     One day my company will ... influence formidable global economy,  excellent character and people.

T    Thank you so much for your time Omotayo!

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