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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

One mistake we make at the beginning of the year is that we allow the joy and excitement of the new year distract us and we forget to plan. We just want to do everything at once. Write a book, start the YouTube channel, register the business all at the same time. Haba!

At this time of the year most people are so high on 'ginger' that they just put their head in everything.

It is very dangerous. You will most likely get stuck and frustrated before the fifth month in the year. This is why planning is necessary.

If you are a writer, who wants to make the most of his career in 2017, the first thing you need to do is plan and set your writing goals.

Did you just squeeze your face and say "which one is writing goals again?"

Don't you know that you have to live life intentionally to make anything out of it?

When I say set, writing goals, I'm not referring to irrelevant and unrealistic goals oh. Before you say something like "I want to publish 25 books in January" when it's still taking you two days to finish a simple blog post. .

 You need to set goals that would work and be accountable per time.

Some of us have done this before and didn't achieve anything, others have not even thought of setting writing goals. Whatever category you belong to, The Sparkle Writers Goal Setting Session would do you a lot of good.

This Saturday, we ( because I am part of the team) will host a few writers to teach them how to set the right goals and achieve them too. To join us, please send an email to and you will definitely get a reply

If you still think it's too early to start doing great things in 2017 then you really should not be here.
For those of us who are ready to start making impact, this is for you. 😃

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