Unforgettable things internship taught me

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Working from 9-5 is not easy. The stress, traffic and short nights and long office hours can be a lot to handle. Internship made me appreciate every single person who works a 9-5 and then goes on to face the traffic when coming back home. 

While I was an IT student, it usually took me about two and a half hours to get home. By then, I was usually drained and pretty useless to everyone at home, Maybe that was what encouraged me to want to work from home. But really, it was good I experienced it.

I’m not too young to create value

I was definitely much younger when I interned. Obviously. But everywhere I worked my bosses and co –workers commended me. Dotun, you write so well, ( I wasn’t this good then). Dotun your ideas are so good. How come you are this brilliant? Haha! Don't let me dwell on the praises. The point is that I was able to add value to companies through my skill and talent. I remember writing voice over scripts, creating story ideas for T.V sitcoms, and even creating magazine content for the Lagos State Government,. Nobody is too young to create value and you can too.

Managing people
Heey! This is probably the most important thing I learnt. Well I'm still learning how to do this sha.
Over the years, I have realized that I’m too shy for comfort especially when I'm unfamiliar around people, it’s either I enter into a self created hole or I just disappear completely.
IT helped me improve on that. I had walk up to people to ask for help and initiate conversations. I remember when I had to walk up to this young lady in an office and ask her to help me log in to the computer like I was some illiterate when the thing wasn't working. Kai! I wanted to enter the ground that day.
I also learnt how to develop a thick skin, not sure how thick the skin is yet but at least. there's a skin. There was a particular office where I almost resigned because I felt they were persecuting me. I thank God I didn’t. Sometimes these harsh experiences  help to toughen you and make you better. so when they shout at you in your office, don't see it as an attack , toughen up and keep working! 

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Love always


  1. Yaaayy!!! Great post... I can imagine you being shouted at.. And toughening up.. We all need that thick skin in our lives oo... Some kind of shock absorber to help isbget through.. Thanks for the post..

  2. Dotun.. I nominated your blog for a particular blogger award on my blog. You can check it out right here https://oshamebinum.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/the-mystery-blogger-award/
    Thanks in advance.


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