I identified my mistake, can you identify yours?

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Social media has been busy with everybody talking about their plans, resolutions and goals for the New Year and all I can think of is that some people have no business writing new plans, goals and resolutions when the ones written last year and year before the last are still waiting for their time of manifestation, 

Most of us have a deadly habit of forgetting and always trying to start all over when all we should really be doing is continuing from where we stopped, It's like an entrepreneur that changes his business from shoe making to soap making from one day to the next and expects to become a billionaire immediately. Can it work? 

Of course not. 
Before you join the bandwagon and start writing New Year resolutions, goals and dreams, have you asked yourself what happened to last year's dreams and why they weren't actualized. 

Don't think I'm just one random person that feels like reproaching you. I have identified my mistakes already and I'm making amends. Too many times last year, God placed mind blowing ideas in my heart and I was darn to scared to start. Other times I'd even start and then terrible laziness will just come and I'd give up because of one small issue. I also know that for too long I have played small in different areas because I lacked guts, I guess it's a problem with introverts or melancholics, we over think stuff until it doesn't interest us anymore.  

Thinking about it now, I'm so ashamed. I wonder how God must be looking at me. 

I think its important that each person evaluates what it is they did wrong in 2016 and map out ways of avoiding those mistakes this year. It's not just about setting goals and making new year resolutions, it's about becoming a better person, achieving more, impacting more. If those resolutions aren't doing all these for you then there's a problem.

What did you lack, where did you fail last year? Is it in your relationship with God, did you lack guts like me, were you impatient or just too lazy to work on your projects? 

Sometimes we want to run as fast as we can away from the previous year and are so quick to set new goals because we do not want to remember the mistakes, the errors and setbacks. but if you keep running and don't fix what held you back in 2016, how will you make considerable progress in 2017? 

You have already made the mistake and I'm not asking you to wallow in pity, I'm only asking that you be brutally honest with yourself and make changes where you need to. 

I've identified my own mistake, can you identify yours? 
Enough of the talk, I'm off to making 2017 worthwhile. 

Much Love

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