Thursday, 19 January 2017

Last year, my mum celebrated her 50th birthday & Book launch. Apart from the food and free make up I got, my highlight for that day was from a speech given by the Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Beard (LASTVEB) .

He was launching the book and somewhere in his speech he started talking about how blessed he was to have had me work in his organization. He even hinted that I could get a job there if I wanted one. According to him, I spent less than 6 months in the board and the value and impact I created was unbeatable. (Don't worry I'm not hyping myself, he said it!)

Note that he said I could get a job there if I wanted to. ( free job offer when people are saying there is no job.) So how was I able to do that?

How can you become that badaass intern and an impression on everyone... even the CEO? Take note of everything you are about to read.

Dress well.

Don’t wear slippers or palm sandals on a Monday morning, in the name of being cool, when the rest of the staff is suited up. It is NOT cool. I wish I could find one of my pictures when I was on IT, haha I used to khak up, at least to the best of my knowledge. Poor dressing affects your confidence and the way people perceive you. Dress the part my dear. 

Be respectful but assertive

Hmm... I will not mention the name of the office, but there was a particular place I worked and it was obvious the staff just wanted to use me. For their mind they had seen a 'smallie'  that was too gingered to work so they just wanted to give me everything to do, including their work. Don’t allow agree. If it’s not your work you don’t have to do it. Whatever the case stand your ground, respectfully. No CEO would hire a person who cannot speak his mind and will always be controlled by colleagues. Or will you? 

Do great work & add value
I don’t understand why some people intern in offices and just do whatever they like, maybe because they don’t like the place or they never wanted to intern there. But that's nobody's business. As long as you are there, you've got to give it your best shot. Autograph your work with excellence. You want the CEO to take note of you? Add value. Go that extra mile. If the CEO doesn't,see you, the big bosses will and if they don't see you, God sees. Haha! 

Make great friends (old and young)
I'm truly grateful for every internship opportunity I have had. I've met some amazing people. Most of whom I still talk to ( well sometimes.) The friends you make will not only help to make your IT experience worth it, they also can be of great help later in life. as long as you continue communicating even after you leave the office.  Don't use 'I am shy' as an excuse to not make any friends o. I am also shy and I made friends. 

Or do you think they'd be interested in hiring you if all you do is keep to yourself at work like one harassed person?

Be yourself
This is my power tip. Don’t try to form accent, borrow money to buy a really expensive suit or pretend to be something you are not. Let your real personality shine through and be comfortable. 

Everything will turn out well. 
Have an amazing time.


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