3 things to note before jumping into entrepreneurship

Friday, 6 January 2017

Have you noticed that for a while the sermon of 'go and become an entrepreneur' has been so popular that many young people are getting converted? Everywhere you turn somebody is starting a business, somebody is getting a new idea. There’s a wind of entrepreneurship blowing  and although I don’t think it is wrong, I believe that not everyone is fit to become an entrepreneur.

Take this from somebody who has many entrepreneur friends, works with a start up and is building one herself. To be a business owner is not beans o.
So before you join the band wagon and ‘toribo’ (enter) entrepreneurship you need to have a form of checklist. If you don’t meet any of these categories there’s a serious problem.

 Do good work
For me this is the singular most important thing you need. You want to be a CEO, entrepreneur, business owner but your boss still complains about your work. How will you handle the pressure that comes with talking to clients? Sometime last year, I started having issues with deadlines and the quality of my work, I knew I just had to do something about it. Or what moral justification would I have to start advising people?

It took some time, but I believe I’m back on track. You can’t be successful with entrepreneurship if you constantly churn out rubbish or mediocrity as an employee. It can’t work. Entrepreneurship doesn’t change you, it brings out the real you and if you are lazy that’s what it will reveal.
Besides, there’s the law of sowing and reaping if you do whatever you like with someone else’s dream, you will reap the same in a million folds.

Be consistent

It is much easier to start something than to continue and stick with it. Show up everyday for your customers. Don’t post something on instagram today and disappear for three weeks expecting that your followers will be just as you left them. Be consistent with your brand promise and deliver excellently.
Consistency will come at a price because there will be times you will not be in the mood, but when you remember that somebody is waiting for you then you’d get up. Remember as a business owner everything rises and falls at your desk. If you change your mind at the slightest opportunity you get, maybe you need a little bit more time.

Be innovative and ready to learn

Some people don’t like embracing new things and I don’t know why. They prefer to sit with their old ideas and expect things to work the same way. Before you say you are not like that, answer these questions.
What’s your reaction when your boss brings in a new policy, equipment or idea?  Do you frown just because you need to learn something new again or are you giddy with excitement that you get to do something new?

As a business owner you cannot afford to be thinking 20 centuries’ backward when the world is moving this fast. Your product may not change but over the years but your packaging, way of delivery and even flavors should improve. Am I making sense?

If you presently are lacking in any of these areas, you need to sit up. Entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted.

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