3 valuable life lessons I learnt from the Leading Ladies Africa Power Talk Series

Friday, 16 December 2016

For those who don’t know, I manage Leading Ladies Africa’s social media page and on Sunday, we organized a Power Talk for Makeup artists.

Apart from wanting the event to go well, I didn’t have any special expectations from the event, because I just felt, it’s for makeup artists, what do I know even about makeup? 

If you know me well, then you should know that makeup is not my thing, I mean, I don’t even own foundation and I forget to use the brown powder somebody forced on me. (Well this is story for another day) .

But for someone who isn’t make up savvy, I must say that learnt a lot, not how to apply makeup and stuff ( I’m still waiting for the person that will teach me in the simplest way) but I learnt practical tips that can help with life, career and business and I’m going to share. (I’m nice like that ☺)

No profession is child’s play

Honestly, I used to think one of the easiest things to be is a makeup artist.  I mean, finish school, wait for admission, don’t know what to do, just go and learn make up. (apologies to makeup professionals, forgive my ignorance) so you can imagine my surprise when during the first session at the Power Talk Series, Lola Maja,  started talking about knowing how to mix colors, and shades, master classes for makeup artists, etc. I was like ehehen, so this thing is this serious.

Really I think every profession is serious business. You don’t have to be a banker or engineer to be taken seriously. The world has gone past that level. If you are offering value and pursuing excellence then keep it up!

I'm somewhere at the back, wearing black 😅

Respect the process

Hmm, so it’s very common for a makeup artist who just finished a one month training to ask her trainer, “So can I start doing makeup like you, or making money like you?”  To be honest, I didn’t use to see the problem in that statement but the Leading Ladies Africa Power Talk series opened my eyes.
Those people you are admiring didn’t get to where they are by mistake, there’s years of sweat, hard work, mistakes, dedication under all the glory and pomp you are seeing and you think a few weeks of training can give you that? No.
You can admire them but don’t think you will just fly to their level and start making all the plenty money at once.

Now, this doesn’t apply to only make up artists, whatever field you are in, you need to put in the work to achieve success. There’s no crown without a cross! There’s a process. Just like your mentor or boss has paid his /her dues, you have to pay yours before you start reaping the benefits.

That's me and Mrs. Bimpe Onakoya! 

You can be successful and still be real
Ah, this is probably my most favorite lesson of all. And I learnt it from one person Mrs. Bimpe Onakoya. If you follow me on instagram, you’d see that I already talked about it (Well that’s a good reason to follow me if you are not).

I have always heard of Mrs. Bimpe Onakoya. She’s the Artistic Director for Maybelline New York and a founder Elite Makeup pro. 

When she walked into the room where the event was holding, it didn’t take me up to fifteen minutes to fall in love with her. She sat in front of me and almost immediately turned to say ‘hi’ with such a huge smile.

By the time she joined the panel session, she brought life to that place; her advice was spot on; she made us laugh and she was too real.  I looked at her and was just happy. This is what success is all about. 

You don’t need to start stepping on our heads before we know you have arrived!

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Much Love, 


  1. You know what Dotun, i looooved this post.. The advice was succint. The process part is the one we done like to hear but the depth of truth attached to that point is quite frankly really deep... Thanks for your magnanimouity... I really appreciate. God bless you..

    1. Lol...great. Thanks Dotun for being generous to share. And I'm loving your blog. Great work dear, you are an inspiration.


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