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Thursday, 15 September 2016

About a week ago I saw Omilola Oshikoya’s post on instagram about a message by Sarah Jakes Roberts.  Although she advised that everybody download it I refused to be tempted. Downloading the video would just chop my data. (You don’t want to know how important data is to me)

In the comments section somebody was really talking about how fantastic the message was, Mehn I was sold out. I had to look for it on you tube.

Trust me this message is just loaded.

Everyone who is struggling with life, business, career, parenting, self esteem issues or has ideas but doesn’t know start should watch this.

You know how you listen to a message and you are wondering how there can be so much to learn in just a few minutes. Yeah that’s how this message is.

To start with I absolutely loved her dress. There’s nothing more fantastic than women who are pursuing purpose in God but are also slaying in heels. Her jumpsuit was just clean and chic.

I noticed that at the beginning of the message she was a bit nervous. And I was like how can a whole Sarah Jakes Roberts be nervous? Is it not just smallies like me that should have that problem? She eased into the message quickly. That’s one thing we need to learn.

When you are doing something new or big you will always feel some kind of fear.  It is ok to feel fear but don’t let your fear stop you. Remember I told you in this post that I head the Media Team in my church? We recently organized a movie night that went quite well. We got so many nice comments but honestly, there were times I just wanted to stop the whole thing. I was scared of calling the whole church to watch a movie and then something would just go wrong, maybe the movie would just stop playing hahaha ( that actually happened, how we solved it is story for another day)

So let’s get down to the message. 

She talked about being empty handed and the three elements of destiny. I learnt quite a lot (so you should actually take down some notes)

  • .       Destiny separates you.  I have listened to countless number of success stories where people say they had to lose friends and maybe family members who didn’t understand what they were doing because they were pursing purpose. People thought they were crazy.

      Destiny can sometimes separate you from friends and family especially if they have no idea why you are doing what you are doing or if they don’t think it is important enough.

Imagine telling your mum you want to go and do music after you have studied law or engineering. LOL. I’m sure some mothers would want to faint. But if that’s what you really want to do who are you to allow your mum stop you?

When you have to walk alone in order to fulfill your destiny don’t look back.

  •        Don’t turn your destiny into a democracy. You don’t need anyone’s approval to pursue your destiny / purpose. Be willing to be separated. Sometimes people will look at you and think you don’t know what you are doing. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes God stirs something inside of you that only you can understand and you must protect it. Don’t open up everything God places on your inside to just anybody because it may get infected.

Be careful who you open your destiny up to
  • .       Your destiny/ purpose is bigger than you. See most times you feel comfortable doing things you are familiar with but if you continue like that, how will you grow? You have to be a little bit afraid. God can’t do nothing with you if you know it all. If you don’t need God with you then He’s not in it.

  •          You have to be willing to allow your talents grow as God teaches you new things You know I can totally relate to this. All the times I did my internship, it was like I had everything under control, they’d say Dotun write this and sharply I will even write two  I even worked in a government board and the Executive Secretary would just be praising me because of my good works.

I thought I was a big deal.

Haha my new job burst my bubble.

 I started out and things were fine but then as I grew older in the job I started losing control. I wasn’t as effective. I was confused {me that was always on point} and now I’m having problems. It wasn’t easy , but I learnt to take each day at a time learning all I could.

 I’m even going to take on new opportunities as they come because that’s the only way I can grow

You too should take that opportunity you have been too scared to accept or how else will you know what you are capable of?

  A peek into the message! 

  •       There’s a lion with your name on it.  Yep a lion! Every challenge you encounter when trying to fulfill your destiny is a lion.  God brings this lion your way because although you don’t know, you have what it takes to fight the lion, all you need is the help of God.

You know this was the first time Samson would fight a lion. He didn’t know how powerful he was. A lion had to come at him before he could realize that he truly had what it takes to win.
What blew my mind away was how she explained how our hands can do much more than we think. Most times you have a dream or an idea but you don’t have money, connections, maybe the qualifications and you are wondering how you are going to work it out.  You don’t need all these to fulfill purpose. Take the first step. Samson killed the lion with his hands and the spirit of God alone!
You can start that business with your hands, your ideas and the spirit of God alone.
 Most times when we are at our lowest point and down to nothing God shows up.  You may have a business and it seems you are crumbling in bills and no one is patronizing you, it seems your products are not selling, you probably are about to give up because you tried it all and still nothing.  Just like He did for Samson he’d show up for you.  

Sometimes you need lions to come up against you to learn something new about yourself .

  • Never look down on your hands and what they can do.

In fact take a moment to look at your hands. Do you know that every part of your body is connected to your hands with a nerve? There’s much more in those palms than you can imagine.

There’s heart in your hands
There’s confidence in your hands
Your nothing is more than enough
The Spirit of God flows through your hands
The power of God flows though your hands
Your hand does amazing things
Everything your hand touches becomes gold!
The Spirit of the Lord is upon you!

Now let me shock you

After Samson killed the lion he turned around and looked at the carcass. Guess what he saw. HONEY! How can a dead thing in the twinkling of an eye produce something so sweet?

Listen no matter what has been dead in your life God can still bring something sweet from it. 

If God can bring HONEY from the carcass of a lion, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH HIM.

There’s too much word packed in this message and I only scratched the surface with this post.

You should download and listen.

Let me know when you do and what you learn from the video.

Loads of Love



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