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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Many of us are waiting for the perfect idea, the perfect time, the perfect place and if you are like me, the perfect article before I post anything on my blog.

It’s like you feel you are not ready yet for that big change, not ready to let the world see your work and most likely critique it. The thought of what people will say just freaks you out. You are not alone.

There are times when I write an article, and after I’m done, I read it and I’m thinking  ‘this work is just fantastic,’ if I hear,  give me just a few minutes, I will read that same article again and start rolling my eyes and squeezing my face, In my mind I’m thinking ‘who wrote this thing?’  ‘Why did I ever think this work is nice?’

 Then I start editing and editing and editing until I just either destroy the work completely or never post anything at all. LOL

On Monday, I had a meeting with my boss and after discussing work duties she was asking me about my goals, struggles and so on (see another reason why my life is quite awesome? I have a fantastic boss)

I started complaining of how I had not been publishing on my blog consistently although I had a number of articles written down. I went ahead to start complaining about how I did not think my articles were spectacular enough. She said something that I didn’t quite agree with, she said I am being too negative about myself and my work.

Too negative keh? How can I be negative about my own work? I’m only striving for excellence and if I think the article is not ‘excellent’ enough, I won’t post it. Simple!

It was not until I was studying my devotional yesterday that it hit me.

 I was struck by what Jesus did at the wedding in Canaan . When the wine finished at the wedding, Jesus used what was available (water) to create the desirable (wine). He didn’t start asking for what they didn’t have.

The same thing happened when he fed the 5,000 men and women. He used what the little boy had, 5 loaves of bread and two fishes. He was ok with what was available. He was ok with what the boy had in his hands.

If Jesus is ok with what is available how come I have articles written down and I’m not ok with posting them because of my perfectionist mentality? 

Have you ever felt that everybody‘s idea is better than yours? If you are a writer you can sometimes feel like every other writer writes better than you do.  This is not necessarily true.
My perfectionist mentality made me see everything I wrote as amateurish. It has made me write less because I didn’t quite like my work, I wanted to write like other people and the more I couldn’t the less I wanted to write.

Little wonder I get so confused when someone said my article was a blessing, it’s like I didn’t even expect it to make so much sense to anybody.

You can be sure this played with my self esteem in no small way.

Sometimes I want my article to be so perfect and bless someone’s life that I try to put in the jokes I saw in someone else’s article. What a waste! I ended up losing myself more and more.
Other times I will try to look for the perfect story angle in which to write from or spend hours just searching for or desperately trying to create the perfect image.

Ah I can’t even remember the countless number of times I would try unsuccessfully to craft a sentence that would be the ‘aha’ moment in my article and it just didn’t work.

All in the name of trying to ‘bless’ and ‘impact’ somebody with my article.
Sometimes we just forget that the things of the spirit cannot be achieved in the flesh.
 It is my job to write but nothing I write is powerful enough to bless someone’s life if the spirit of God does not breathe on it.

It’s just like when you preach to someone, it’s not what you say that makes him give his life to Christ, it’s the power of the Holy Spirit at work through your words.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is an excuse for mediocrity. It is not. Yes I have to write well, avoid grammatical errors and all that but God takes over the article after that.

What do you have in your hand that you have been holding back because you are scared of failing? Or are you still waiting for the right time?  There will never be a time more perfect than now. Maybe you are terrified of what people will say. People will always talk.

 Can you sing, write, draw, sew or paint? It’s time for you to release whatever it is you can do and let God breathe on it. You’d be amazed at the results.

Many of the people we admire today made a decision like this some years back. It’s time for you to open your hands and release to the world what you have to offer.

Why are you waiting for your diction and command of English to be perfect before you start speaking to people? You have a message let the world hear it.

You can work always work towards getting better with your skill.  but stop the excuses and just START. 
If you wait too long you may end up waiting forever. 

Lots of Love



  1. Hello Oloriadedotun, thank you for sharing this piece. Wow, this is so me right now. I can totally relate with all of your points. For me, it is a seasoned confirmation, gentle reminder and soft nudge. Thank you so much. Blessings!

    1. Hello dear. I'm glad this article is nudging you to actually take action. That's why I wrote it in the first place. I would love to know how things go.


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