Why stress, when there's so much grace available?

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Anyone that knows me, well I mean knows me well o, must know that I absolutely love new opportunities to grow and improve myself. I find them really rewarding and absolutely exciting, even when they don’t pay me financially.

For some time now, not sure if I can remember the exact date, I have been talking about how I want to grow, become better, push myself, challenge my thinking and work on new projects.
 I am sure you understand me especially if you feel that there’s more to you and you are desperate for new avenues to express yourself and your God given talent.

For me I wanted new writing opportunities, new challenges and new working experiences. I felt like I could handle it all after all ‘I am becoming’ abi? It was like adrenaline rush in my body, any small opportunity I get, I will just say ok, without even giving it much thought, after all we have been told to take new opportunities even if we are not sure we can handle them.

God heard my prayers and I got the opportunity to work with Leading Ladies Africa and TheBeautified Network in addition to that, I was giving the responsibility of heading the Media Team in my church!

 I remember feeling so fly one night when I realized all the ‘cool’ stuff I was going to be doing with these new opportunities. If I could dance very well, I probably would have danced that night. I told everyone who cared to listen about my new ‘job’. My heart was full of joy.

 I have always wanted to work with The Beautified Network because I loved anything that was about women empowerment so having that and Leading Ladies Africa was like a dream come true.
Ah! if only I knew that few days later I would be drowning in so much work.

As the Head of the Media Team in my church, my first major project is to plan a movie night. Which by the way, will hold this Saturday.

A lot of things are at stake because it is the first my church will have and if things don’t go well, I’m not sure my Pastor would approve another (things will go well in Jesus name). There’s a lot of planning, meetings and logistics. I am sure you are wondering ‘on top movie night’ I didn’t also realize how much work this thing can be until I started. Thankfully I have a super team but still the responsibility of the movie night is directly in my hands.

On the other hand, the emails from work won’t stop coming, Dotun post this article, Dotun edit this work, Dotun send this message, Dotun reply that email, Dotun think of new ideas for this project, Dotun the projector in church needs to be re-fixed, Dotun the dance group has another engagement, Dotun the church’s Facebook page isn’t active enough.

Ahahan! Why me? All the work doesn't seem like so much fun anymore. I am finding it hard to create a balance. To top it all, I still have to do my usual work of creating content for Sparkle Writers on social media daily. My blog is suffering because I can't write new articles.

I hope this doesn’t sound like I am complaining because I’m not.  (I  LOVE MY JOB)

There are times when I am too scared to read my emails because it is either more work or a reminder that I have not done something. I am beginning to feel like a failure, like I am not capable of handling all this.  I have started feeling so overwhelmed. It’s like I asked for too much and I should just have respected myself and stayed in one place.

I’m battling with several thoughts ‘Maybe I should just do what I am used to’ or ‘Maybe I should have waited a little while longer.’

To make matters worse, I am scared of speaking out, if I do, I would disappoint a lot of people who thought I was capable and trusted these things into my hands. Maybe they would say ‘this small thing that we asked you to do is what you are finding difficult, that means you can’t handle anything more o.’ and I don’t want that. I would even disappoint myself.

One thing that has suffered greatly throughout this period is my relationship with God. Most times when I wake up I do the sharp sharp prayers because I want to quickly rush to do read my email or do a quick post and I feel it can’t wait.

It started as a bad habit when I felt I was now so busy I needed to quickly round up prayers and move on with the day’s work. You don’t want to know how much I regret this.

Just recently I found this verse that gave me so much strength and encouragement. I have always known this verse but it means so much more to me now

My grace is sufficient for you,
for my strength is made perfect
in your weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

You know, God realizes that I will have times in my life when my strength and intellect will fail me and he has made a provision for that in advance. That’s why he’s a Father.

I’m reminded that I do not have to form ‘can do it all’ even God realizes that I have weaknesses, so when I see myself failing or making mistakes I shouldn’t feel depressed, or discouraged, all I need to do is tap into that grace.

You know the grace is sufficient so as many times as I need it I can get it. This does not mean I should keep doing the wrong things or making mistakes but I know that when I do, there’s help
 Most of us try to achieve great things on our own, sometimes we do it without even knowing. While God wants his children to excel even at work, He doesn’t want us to do it alone, He wants to make things easy for us. That’s why His grace is available.

Why are you not using what is available to you? Why do you prefer to stress to get that promotion, pass that exam or deliver that lecture when grace is available?

If you are going through a phase in our life where you feel there’s so much going on around you, I want you to hold on to this verse and move on. His grace is abundant if only you would exchange your weakness for His strength.

With so much love, 


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