Remember the daughter of whom you are

Sunday, 7 August 2016

I saw this quote on facebook some days back and it struck me so hard. It made me remember this popular phrase, ‘Remember the child of whom you are.’ I am too sure you must have heard it before except you don’t have African parents… Hahaha

I will not lie, this phrase used to annoy me. A whole lot!
1 felt it was my mummy’s stylish way of controlling me by appealing to my sentiments. It sounded like she didn’t want me to be great. LOL!
Remember the daughter of whom you are, I know who I am na. Omo pastor ( Pastor’s daughter) What’s so special about that? Don’t you have anything else to say ni?

There were times when I felt I was caged,  I couldn’t go out, I had few friends (not sure if this is my mum’s fault though). I always wondered why it was that anytime I had the opportunity to be free and explore, she would always bring up that line. 

I used to feel that word was our parents sure way of curbing our wings.

For some of us we can’t wait to get out of our parents house, and be free to do what we like. We want to prove to our parents that we can take care of ourselves. We can't wait for when we will be able to say “Hey, Mummy I am now independent. You can’t boss me around anymore.”

You always have that giddy feeling in your belly, that voice on your insides telling you it’s time for you to shine. You just feel like bursting from excitement whenever you think all the adventure that awaits you. Now you can have friends over and do all the stuff you were prevented from doing. 

That’s how we usually see these things.
Now don’t get me wrong, I was never an ‘extrovertish’ girl, but there was a wild side deep down that needed to be explored. I think we all have that, even the quietest people. I was and still am *winks* a good girl but I also wanted to ‘enjoy’ life small. 

I wanted to belong; I didn’t want to be the odd one out. Ah that thing can pain! 

Do you know that in trying to ‘prove’ to our parents that we have grown we make costly mistakes? Trust me, I made many mistakes. My trying to be hip put me in a lot of trouble, I did stuff that I never imagined I would do. I remember that it got to a point where I had to ask myself “Dotun, who are you”? I couldn’t recognize myself. Yes! I wanted to be fun, hip and to belong but not to the point when I’d lose the sweet girl that I had been.

The rest is story for another day.

Now I understand better… When your mum says remember the child of whom you are its not because she feels like saying it, it’s because there are things that can make you forget.  

Your identity keeps you from doing some things. The child of a king is a prince and should under normal circumstances never ever have to beg.  Most of us have done some things because for a moment we forgot our identity. 

If a Christian steals, it’s likely he has forgotten that his father owns the cattle on a thousand hill and the devil has allowed him believe in a lie that he’s broke and help can’t come. I know this too well. 

When you do things your conscience doesn’t agree with, you are likely living outside your original DNA, especially if you are a Christian. 

Whoever is born of God does not need to measure up to the standards of this world. You are the standard. So, if God wouldn’t agree with it, then you shouldn’t be doing it. 

However, the fact that you still feel bad means your radar is still working. Some people do the same things and don’t.

As a Christian lady, you shouldn’t sleep with a guy outside of marriage because you are worth more than that. If you at any point have been tempted to do so, it maybe because you have at a particular time forgotten who you are. 

You are Royalty. Royalty doesn’t get frustrated, royalty does not.  

You are betraying yourself if you forget who you are, you are shortchanging yourself. It’s not just about your physical identity, it’s who you are in Christ. 

You are a chosen generation!

You are one of a kind!

You are a rare specie!

The spirit of God lies on your inside!

You are a carrier of His glory.

You can’t live a frustrated life!

You can’t be defeated!


With so much love,


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