Nothing will steal my joy!!!

Monday, 11 July 2016

A few weeks ago I read my boss’ post on how she decided to choose joy over and over again even when everything seemed to be going wrong for her at a particular period. My first reaction was “how can all these can happen to one person in just a few weeks?’ After reading the post I asked myself what I would do if everything was going wrong for me at a particular point 

I quickly did the God forbid sign and moved on, little did I know that my own test was coming and maybe it was almost more than I expected. 

The first thing that tried to upset me was abrupt network failure. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot go a day without using the internet, not because I’m addicted to facebook like some people think but because my work demands it.

 Around 6pm in the evening, I tried connecting my laptop to the internet and it just didn’t work. At first I was like “kini gbogbo nonsense yi?”meaning (What’s all this nonsense) Why is globacom trying to be funny? 

 I decided to be calm and wait. I had to save a post that would be published the next day for my office and  I didn’t want to call my boss and start telling her about my internet woes. By the time I was finally able to connect to the internet it was late in the night but my joy knew no bounds. I wanted to do everything at once. Check the office’s official social media pages, reply comments on my blog, schedule posts for the next day and boost a few posts on facebook.

I clicked on the boost post icon and it just kept loading and loading, you needed to see the face I made at that point. I didn’t understand what was happening. First globacom, now facebook? I ignored that and tried typing a few words in the update your status box, I clicked on the add photo or video button the same thing that happened, it just kept loading and loading. Haaa what’s this now? 

I tried severally and the same thing happened. Where would I start from? I remember telling my sister that facebook wasn’t an office in Nigeria where I could just walk in to and complain to the customer relations officer. 

I thought about all the wahala of having to send emails explaining the issue and I was discouraged so I made a mental note to try the next day, maybe it was just network problem.However, something inside of me would not keep calm so I decided to try posting via the facebook app on my phone. If only I knew.

The app was just doing anyhow. I couldn’t even type ‘hi’ on any of the facebook pages I was managing not to talk of posting a picture, video or even boosting a post. 
At this point I was getting really worried. How would a social media manager have issues with accessing facebook. I knew if I dwelt too much on this problem I would get tense and worked up (in fact I was already tensed and worked up) but I put up a calm face. 

A few days later, still trying to find a solution to the network problem something happened that really shook me, I can’t forget how it all started. I was working on the posts for the next day when my sister came to the room and said mummy is calling you. I wanted to protest because I was trying to focus but I went to meet her, she was sitting outside and I think she was holding her stomach, when I asked her what was wrong the tone she used to reply me was scary. She sounded like she didn’t even have any strength in her.

Since I lost my dad I’ve been really particular about my mum and the slightest complaint from her worries me. God knows I was scared but I summoned courage and asked her to repeat what she said.
She told me she was feeling very weak inside of her. She didn’t look too good.  She was not hungry but had been ill a week before that day. Could it be that she wasn’t totally fine? What exactly could make her feel this bad?

I looked at the time it was a few minutes to eleven, who would I call at this time?, would I not be sounding too dramatic?, what if it wasn’t that serious?,  if only I could drive, I would have taken her to the hospital. There’s nothing that didn’t cross my mind that moment.

In the midst of all my confusion, I told her everything was going to be fine, she looked at me like she wanted to know where I got the courage to say that.  I prayed silently and asked her to come inside the house. (Wasn’t sure what I expected that prayer to do sef) I asked my sisters  to please watch her and call me if they needed anything but somewhere inside I just begged God to make everything go well so they won’t need to call me.
I went back to my computer and as I stated typing hot tears began to flow, I was crying not because of the internet problem or the facebook issue but because of my mum. At this point I knew fear was setting in. I couldn’t bear anything happening to her but something reassured me not to be afraid. I knew God will take care of me.

I immediately wiped my tears and continued working moreover I couldn’t let my sisters see my crying it would discourage them. 

A few days passed and everything seemed to be going on well, I put on my computer to start working and I started hearing one funny noise, which one is this again? At this point I was angry in my spirit, what’s all this? I remember saying nothing would make me lose my joy and I was damn serious! I couldn’t start thinking of the laptop issue because it would only stress me, I didn’t have the money to start repairing stuff and I didn’t want to be bothered. 
Before I forget , I fell down just right in front of my house. I fell into the gutter o! I am sure you are already helping me to ask why me.

The next day, I had a meeting in church in the evening and made a mental note to leave early so I could work on the posts for the next day. About one hour thirty minutes into the meeting I started feeling extremely cold. I laughed and said to myself, the devil has come again o. 

I got up from where I was sitting and went to where the fans were off.  Five minute later it felt like I was in a car with its ac tuned to the highest. I was shivering so bad everyone at the meeting noticed.
Just before the meeting ended I started having serious body pain but I was determined to stay till the end. By the time the meeting was over I felt like I had been hit by a truck carrying cement to its fullest capacity I couldn’t even walk home so I took a bike. 

This is when it got very personal.

While I was on the bike several terrible thoughts started coming to my mind, what if you die, what if this, what if that. Ahhhh I don’t even know where the anger came from. With all the strength I could muster I started praying. I think the bike man got confused because he turned back to look at me more than once, I was speaking scriptures into my life and pleading the blood of Jesus, I reminded the devil that Jesus had paid the price for me, I could not just die, I was crying and shivering so bad but I didn’t stop praying. The devil wasn’t going to win this one, I couldn’t become all sad and weak. 

Few hours after I got home my temperature had sky rocketed and for the first time ever I wasn’t bothered, I just kept praying. Sickness has no place in me, I bear on me the mark of the Lord Jesus let nothing not even sickness trouble me. I prayed for as long as I could and fell asleep hours later. 

I woke up feeling a bit better, my temperature had reduced but wasn’t down totally. 

Although I still have to take drugs and rest well. I never at any point in time lost my praise. I may have felt discouraged and beat up but the devil couldn’t steal my joy 

This experience taught me a whole lot. The first is that we should learn from other people’s experiences. I read the post my boss wrote but didn’t really think I was going to need it so when I started having those tiny issues at the beginning I didn’t do so much about it. Blogs that are written by genuine people actually help you. Don’t just take the stories you read for granted learn from them. 

Make a decision to rise above whatever will try to depress you from and choose to remain joyful. Just like Adedoyin Jaiyesimi said in her post Joy is a decision. “It is not dependent on what you have or what you do not have. True joy is from God. It comes from knowing that God has your back. It comes from trusting the Father who has the greatest love for you.”

Let nothing steal you joy. Absolutely nothing!

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Loads of Love



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