5 things you gotta be stubborn about

Monday, 27 June 2016

Hey there! How have you been? Good I hope.  

I hope the title of the post isn't so weird?

So I checked the meaning of stubborn and realized it doesn’t actually mean something bad, it just depends on the context in which you are being stubborn. 

'Stubborn' means unreasonably determined to persevere or prevail. When did that become such a bad thing? Today I will tell you 5 things you need to be really really stubborn about. If you've always wanted to be the 'stubborn child', this is your chance!

Your dreams.
If you are not stubborn about your dreams, you’ll most likely achieve nothing. There will always be a billion or probably a zillion and one reasons why you should quit or forget about your ideas, but will you let them stop you? 

Anyone who knows me, should know that I am passionate about helping young people ( just like me) find their path in life. Although it took me a long time to finally articulate what I wanted to do, I did not let anyone rubbish my idea for any reason. I was not and (still not interested in any form of negative energy around me.) Be stubborn about your dreams or they will remain dreams in the next 5 years.

Your family
Family is too precious to be joked with. You need to be stubborn about making your family stay together (as much as you can) avoid unnecessary fights and bickering. There is no family that doesn’t fight. The only difference is that while some settle their issues and keep on supporting each other others just watch the situation deteriorate. 

If the situation is beyond you then you should pray for them. There is little you can do if your parents are fighting but you can pray and let God do His work. At least your heart will be at peace that you’ve done the right thing. Don’t be the one causing problems in the house.

Your friends
I’ve learnt (maybe the hard way) that I need to pay more attention to my friends.  Let nobody deceive you, you cannot succeed in life alone, you are not Superman. You need a team. If you have true friends who love you, support you and understand to a great extent, please hold on to them. Find time to have meet ups and do what you can to maintain your friendship. There are friends that are meant to help you actualize your vision don’t throw them away because you are too busy. When you have small fights, settle them.

Having fun
Naturally some things will not just want you to be great. Let me give an example. My mum celebrated her 50th birthday party yesterday and for weeks I planned how I was going to take a billion pictures and post them one by one on instagram. Sadly I had to go and collect the beads that she (my mum) was going to use, later in the day. The lady delayed me and I didn’t get to the party on time.

 To cut the long story short I ended up forgetting about my picture goals until late into the party. The pain I felt was great but I maximized the little time I had left and took a few good pictures. I could have given up on my goals when I realized that a lot of time had gone but I was determined. (I hope to share pictures from the party with you soon so watch this space o).  

Try to have a bit of fun. The situation of the economy is too serious. Laugh when you hear a joke, dance when you have the opportunity and enjoy every moment. 

Your prayer life
This one is really important. Maybe that’s why I put it as the last point so it stays on your mind for as long as possible. It is easy to become lazy with your prayer life. After all there are a million things you have to do in this small 24hours.  But please do not take prayers for granted. There’s an emptiness you feel when you know that you are not getting it right with God. There is so much going on around us and as Christians we need to always be in tune with Heaven so we can draw strength, courage and direction. 

There is a place for stubbornness, there is a need to sometimes step away from popular belief and say “this is what I stand for” as long as it’s for a good cause. 

What other things do you think you need to be stubborn about? Leave your answers in the comment box. 

Lots of Love


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