Tuesday, 5 January 2016
Just tooo happy

Happy New Yeaaaar!!!!

This is my year of soaring and phenomenal achievements. ‘What is this year going to be for you? Oya start speaking it.
My birthday was on Saturday but I’ve not gotten over all the love that people showed me. I had a swell time. 

I prayed into my birthday and I just felt this assurance that fantastic things are in store for me! I got sooooooo many phone calls, BBM messages, text messages, facebook messages, whatsApp messages, prayers, and gifts. A blog reader called me oh! Yinka Akintunde! Thank you so much for the call. If you still want to send me gifts let me know hehehe. 

One of the scenes in the musical

Later in the afternoon, I went for ‘Kakadu -The Musical’ at the Muson center with my friend. The show beautifully depicted the Nigerian story and reminded us of why we need to unite as one regardless of our tribe. It highlighted the grave consequence of any form of war on our economy, families and environment, using the story of two young lovers from different tribes. 

The father of the intending bride Chief ‘something’ (I can’t remember the name again) swore to never allow his daughter marry one of them (the igbos). The drama just got me thinking of what exactly we can do to actually bring all Nigerians together.

It was a fine blend of drama, dance and music they even sang some of the Nigerian oldies like Victor Olaiya's ‘eba mi so fun sisi yen ko mai lo o.’ I was just tapping my feet small small. I am really proud of Nigeria and the things we are doing. Uncle Ben of Project Fame West Africa was the music director for the show. 

After the show( how's my smile?)  

I hope somebody truly calls me to model for them o

My fine friend

My birthday taught me four things:
1.      Learn to celebrate other people:  I felt really happy seeing others celebrate me. Every time I got a new call my heart leaped for joy. You don’t know how much you will make people happy when you celebrate them.  Whether it’s their birthday, wedding, child birth or matriculation please do. Don’t just ignore and form busy. Just a text message is okay.  
See my fine face everywhere
2.      Say what you want: so this year I put up a birthday wish list and different people laughed because my wishes seemed too big.  But guess what, see my shoeeees. I know the other gifts are coming. 

3.      Celebrate yourself once in a while. Not every time serious serious learn to celebrate yourself. You are worth it. 
4.      I’m not getting younger at all: Time is running fast and there are so many dreams to be accomplished. There is no time for laziness this year at all.
This is to a splendid 2016 for us all! 
Lots of love!

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  1. Nice lessons you've learnt but always remember to put them into actions. I am already seeing you beyond "here".
    Greater you I pray in 2016.

    1. Ameen. Yeah it is one thing to learn and another to put what you have learn't into practice. I will do my best. You should too.

  2. Happy Birthday once again Ma plus am coming for the shoes

  3. What bout your bf, I have noticed that you hide your bf,from all your posts, you have never celebrated him. We want to know him, or u too are one of those bloggers who flirt around? Abeg we want to know him. I notice u celebrate oda people and you v never celebrate your bf here. maybe u are searching. Lol

    Shola from Lagos

  4. I actually thought the friend you went to the musical with was ur bf... Anyways; i will give you a gift next year. Love you maam.

    1. A gift next year? SMH You have started procrastinating in the new year abi?


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