Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Happy Last month of the year !

Welcome to December!
Wow this year literally ran 100 meters race o. Just like that we are almost done with 2015.
How are you feeling? Have you taken some time to just think back on how the year has been? The joy, the pain, the disappointment, the last minute miracles, the love, the smiles and the tears? for me, this year has truly been eventful. New relationships were formed, I started my NYSC officially and finished it too, this blog was birthed this year, I got new and challenging opportunities in my career. and many others. As I am counting my blessings there is this song that keeps coming to my mind 
            ‘ I will worship you forever, love you forever, because this God is too good oh.
              look what you've done for me
            see how you set me free
            how you washed me 
           in your precious blood Jesus

I think you should also count your blessings. You will be amazed at the kind of things God has done for you.
Different people seem to be excited that December is here, but as we draw  closer to the end of the year I want to ask you to review 2015, I am sure for most of us at the beginning of the year we had a list of things we wanted to achieve.  How many of those things have you done? Some people wanted to learn a new skill, dress better, save more money, get closer to God, start a blog, and so many other things, but sadly have not been able to do them

December is your last opportunity in 2015 to make those things happen.  How nice will it be to end 2015 by achieving all you wanted to achieve at the beginning of the year? Won't it be a dream come true? Why don’t you review your 2015 to do list and make it a point of duty to finish up as many things as you  have hanging on that list as long as it is within your power to do so.  It is one of the ways you can end this year on a high note. Even if you do not do all you will be excited that you did your best till the last day of the year. Right?

I have decided to study the word and pray more in this last month of the year. What will you do  Whatever it is, make it a December to remember! 

So help us God

Thank you so much for reading. 

I will love to know what you have resolved to do in the last month of the year, leave your answers in the comment box. 

Much Love



  1. I really want to finish up my 5 month Bible Reading plan this last month. God my strength. Funny enough, its my 'birthmonth'.


    1. That's really nice Biodun. Happy birthday in advance!

  2. December is quite stressful for me cause I do jot want regrets over this year. All the hard work I didn't do the previous months I am now doing.

  3. Just ensure you make the most out of the year. But avoid stressing your self too much o. Lots of love dear!


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