Tuesday, 10 November 2015

ME!- Oloriadedotun

How are you doing today?
Wow! There is soooooo much to say! 

 Where do I start? 

 I want to officially announce that I am done with my compulsory National Youth Service and surprisingly it was so much fun! From a 10hours 8 minutes journey becoming a 19hours journey, to rumors that Boko Haram was going to bomb our orientation camp,( mehn I asked God if that was how my life was going to end)  teaching over 700 students in a lecture hall with my teeny weeny voice ( I thought my blood pressure was going to rise) and cooking for about 30 people on a small stove in the family house, ( because of wet firewood) I did not expect to enjoy what so many people had complained about. 

I had heard too many terrible stories of how NYSC meant untold suffering to corpers in strange villages.Although I suffered small o. I became three shades darker ( something I am still trying to work on because my color must come back again!) . I learn't new cooking styles, I really tried to learn their Yoruba dialect (Owo)  but my people that thing is too hard. I went to village market, did village evangelism, where I met the most hilarious old women in the century. (Old women who were eying fine doctor) and met the most wonderful people, friends who became family. 

At Nwanune Orientation camp, Benue State.(I was actually scared, luckily it turned out well)

During a parade rehearsal!( For my mind o)

Errrr? caption this please.

Moi with a naughtily awesome sister!

Apart from the joy I feel, there are so many other emotions running through me, one major thing is fear of the unknown. I do not want to get into the rat race like everybody and loose myself or purpose. Since I came, people have practically been referring to me as jobless and I am like whaaaaat! 
Somebody even said so you are now jobless. As in she said it categorically. And repeated it like five times. SMH!

ATTENTION! I am NOT jobless, phuleeeeze! (Although I am open to any wonderful opportunity you have for me)

This is what I want to do with my life:
1.      I want to learn: although I have graduated from the university. I want to continue learning, not just the conventional classroom learning. I want to read more books, learn from people, experiences, mentors, friends, associates and even protégés. As in there is no place that one cannot learn o, even if it’s in the toilet,(just kidding). I want to ensure that I keep getting better at what I do. I want to know more about God and learn a new language(God help me with that one o). I am also interested in trying new things so if you have something you think I will be interested in, please let me know. 

2.      I want to think: I have been reading a book by Sam Adeyemi  titled ‘Success Is Who You Are’ and it has been challenging my mode of thinking and the way I see life. I am learning a lot about the fact that my line of thought affects my life and if I change my line of thought then I can change my life and , mehn I want my life to change seriously. The Bible says ‘be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind’, our minds have to be renewed for our life to change, David Oyedepo once said if you don’t think you will stink thinking people produce results and everything that is visible was created from the invisible, I know that thinking people are leading people. I choose to think and question the status quo than to be like just everybody. 

3.      I want to help: helping people is just awesome! ( don't you think so?). I feel so good when I do so and I think it is really rewarding. I do not know exactly how I will go about it, but I want to help people live better lives and just pour my heart out especially to children. There is so much poverty going on and I want to help. I plan to do something during Christmas for indigent children. I will get back to you on that and would love to know if anyone is interested in helping me out.

Isn't she just cute?

4.      I want to have fun: Mehn life is too short! I want to have as much fun as I can.  I have lived my life too calmly in a way jare. I want to go to places I have never been to and do things that I have never done (legal things o abeg) I just want to be happy and take as many pictures as I can! 


 I am so excited about my future I know there is a lot of great things in store and I cannot wait to start a new journey discovery, fun greatness hope and love. More than anything, I am clinging to Jesus on this journey with confidence that it is going to be an awesome one. 

For everyone who is on a new journey, whether or not it is the same thing as mine, may the God of peace and keep us all. 

From my heart!

Let me know what you think. Please feel free to share your experience as a fresh NYSC graduate! Or if you are on a new journey! 

Much love!

N.B: Photo credit: Google.  


  1. Good one dear. Welcome to favor market

  2. Impressive. Of course, ahead is an endless stream of possibilities esp for someone who has found purpose...we don't wait! We are matching on. From glory to glory.

  3. Impressive and motivating article. So interesting my national service here in a Ghana is totally different from you guys own. Yours seems a lot more challenging and fun.

    1. Hey Zenock! Thank you for the comment. I didn't know that Ghana also does something similar. Can you share your experience with us?

  4. Moving to a new phase could be difficult but with God all things are possible.

  5. I see the best coming from you, you are a 'nation and thought changer' just don't lose focus. 'Keep on keeping on, sky is just the starting point'
    Much love.

  6. I see the best coming out from you, just remain focused and see how great you will be. 'Keep on keeping on, star is just the starting point'.
    Lots of love.

  7. Purely inspiring...relatable write-up ��

  8. :)! Ha! I knew I wanted to read this one.

  9. Well done, ma'am we are interested in helping oo, and thanks for sharing your NYSC story, yet to go for mine tho, well done

  10. well done ma'am, we completely understand, thanks for the heads up, @campgist, plus yes, i totally support you should Enjoy your free time now more than ever, plenty job is on the way ooo. and P.S. Becoming was LIT!!!!. We are more than willing to help oo @ your projects

    1. Yippieeee! I am super glad you had a good time at Becoming. So sad I couldn't take any picture with you. I'll let you know when I'm ready to start the project.


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