Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Happy new month darling and how was your weekend?

Please read and enjoy! 

I have extremely nothing to be grateful for, he blurted out! I asked God for three things in the month of September, is that too much to ask for? he did nothing!

Why should I thank him in October. Is it not when somebody does something you say thank you? Pastor please just let me be. I will come to church, so that you will not say I have backslidden, I will listen to whatever sermon you have to preach, drop my offering and tithe (even though I do not see how the offering of last month benefited me) and go home. Maybe God has not gotten to my list yet. He must be busy with so many requests right? 

Folarin was disappointed. Throughout the month of September, nothing spectacular happened to him. He wanted a better job, he had prayed for his father’s health to be restored, and for his sister to get admission into the university after three years of waiting at home. It seemed God didn’t deem it fit to answer any of his prayers. Why should he be grateful?

Pastor Smith Adeyeye smiled, he understood him perfectly. But he also knew the kind of God he served. He would explain to him clearly. ‘Folarin,’ the Pastor said, you said nothing is working for you right?’ ‘Yes sir, nothing absolutely nothing.’ 

‘Good’ Pastor Smith replied, ‘can you please move your legs and see if they still work?’ Folarin did. His legs moved.
‘Now try your hands and tell me if they can move,’ Folarin did and once again his hands moved.
‘Could you please put your hand on your chest and check if your heart is working?’
At this point Folarin didn’t need anybody to explain the rest to him. Although the things he wanted had not YET happened. Other things were working for him. Things that money could not buy. He had a lot to be grateful for.

Are you at that point where you feel like nothing is working for you? What of your legs, hands, your heart, your brain, can you buy those? Are they not working?
It is too early to give up on God darling! Remember that God is able to do just what he says he will do! He brought you into October for a purpose. Relax and watch him act out his plans. Welcome to the month of October! 

Remember to smile today because the creator of the heavens and earth is mindful of you! How awesome is that? 

Good morning! 

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  1. Hmmm. Adetohun I must confess that this blog was written just for me. Right now I'm at the juncture where I think God exists but He is too partial or too busy to grant my requests.
    I'm waiting for admission list to go into the university for my degree. People who scored lesser than I did in UTME and PUTME have been admitted but why is my name not among?!
    Also I seriously want to publish my books since all these years that i've been writing but this too is not working out at all. At times I use to ask God why He gave me talent when He knew that He won't let it shine in me and make an impact.
    Well, reading this blog has changed everything. Even if I fail in all my endeavours, yet I'll keep praising Him. (please don't share this post with the public cos personal things are discussed here. Keep writing, you are awesome!)

  2. Nice writeup. This is something that happens to me sometimes.

    1. Thank you so much for reading. It could happen to the best of us. The most important thing is learn to be thankful no matter what.

  3. Sope pe ti e (give praise for your own). If only we knew half of what the seemingly problem free people are facing...

    1. Exactly! Just be thankful for your own life. Thank you dear.


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