Monday, 14 September 2015

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Today's article still has me a little bit confused. It’s a sensitive issue too.
Although I came to my conclusion. I want to know what you think.

A few weeks back, some of my friends and I had a discussion that almost turned into an argument sef. Honestly, I cannot even remember what started this particular discussion. 

All I know is that we got to the point where we asked ourselves that as a principled Christian, who believes in doing the right thing, and to the best of your abilities, have taught your children in the way of Lord, what would you do if your daughter gets pregnant outside wedlock? 

You see, when this question was asked I taught everybody would have the same answer as I did. What else will you do if not reprimand her in love. Afterall she is your daughter and your responsibility. However I got the shocker of my life. I heard one of the most unbelievable things. Somebody said ‘I will send her out of my house!’Say whaaaaaaaaaat?  

In my mind I was like ahahan that is too harsh abeg. Send her where? Why? How?
This was his reply ‘anywhere as long as she is not under my roof for some time’ According to him it is an embarrassment for her to be under the same roof with him. Obviously this generated follow-up questions from some of the other people. Someone asked if his reply would be different if the father of the baby is nothing to write home about, and he said, ‘why didn’t she think of that before sleeping with him.’ He went on to explain that his principles do not accept such nonsense and his daughter will be dealt with so that she will know that such is not allowed. After all she already knew the kind of father she had.

 Although he stated that he can get an apartment for her outside and when he thinks she has served her punishment faithfully, she will be re-called into the house. According to him she needs some time to reflect and understand the gravity of her mistake. He believes that if this is not done, she may end up thinking it is ok to get pregnant out of wedlock, after all no punishment was given the last time.

 But I personally feel that that is too harsh. I believe that correction in love should be applied in this situation. What if she aborted the baby or was using pills every time she had sex? She will still be living under your roof but doing what you do not condone. After the whole discussion I found myself asking one particular question. Can a person be too principled? Because I felt he is. When your principle comes between things like this, especially family can’t you just give it up? I just want to know your opinion.

 So if your daughter gets pregnant outside wedlock despite all the home training, what would you do? Do you think a person can be too principled?  Please leave your comments below! Share with your friends too!
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  1. Sending her away will make her more vulnerable. Only the Holy Spirit can help her father in this situation.

  2. I totally agree with you. Sending her away is not the best option.


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