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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Welcome to the month of August dear!

I pray that this month will be a month of fulfillment of purpose and actualization of dreams. Ameeeeeeeen!
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Today I want to share a personal experience. I had practically forgotten about it before I had a discussion with a friend that made me remember.
I know I have shared a little of my journey in the university before if you missed it you can click here but today's post is quite different.
I don't know about you o beht I do not understand how people say mathematics is easy! Kai I just do not get it. According to them 2+2=4.
But what about : For what values of 'k' will the pair of equations 3x + 4y = 12 and kx + 12y = 30 NOT have a unique solution?

Anyway, that's not the gist. This is just background information which is enough to tell you that Mathematics and I are sooo not friends. Although in secondary school I struggled to pass( Don't know if I actually passed any maths exam sha) but I really struggled. It just seemed too hard for me to understand. After writing my Senior Secondary School exams and failing mathematics on two attempts, I finally had a C6 in NECO.

Getting admission to Babcock University to study Mass communication, I was quite exicted to say bye bye to the subject forever and that was exactly what happened until 400 level first semester ( when I felt like I was almost done) I saw our course lists and boldly written was Data Analysis! Lord have mercy! I had heard about the course from previous 400level students o but somehow I was praying that before I got to that level it will be scraped. The course had caused so many people to have a carryover for the first time in their entire life and I was already mentally preparing to be one of them. Honestly I was terrified. The first day of class was nothing but a nightmare. My lecturer, who is also the HOD of the department told the class about how easy it was to pass or fail the course, he told us of success stories of those who hitherto didn't like mathematics but made a resolve to pass and they did. Honestly I knew in my mind that I couldn't even be in that group, for Christ sake I hadn't passed maths in six years ( except 4 d NECO miracle) he also talked about another group of people who felt they could never know it ( my group) so didn't listen, or make attempt to learn the formulas!

Jeez immediately he said that I knew I was done for, I couldn't even understand the course so which one is formula now? In split seconds I remembered all the maths exams I had done in secondary school with so much difficulty and I just cried. Way back in secondary school I know I made efforts and they never worked. I remembered how many times I tried to understand it, solve it or even remember formulas. How was I going to cope in this class? I thought of talking to my friends about it, but they didn't just get the point. I could never pass maths. Classes went by quickly and there were days when I understood something, other times the lecturer was too fast for me or I just didn't get it. But I put in the best I could.
The time for exams drew nearer and my fear grew in leaps and bounds. There were times when I would just be lost in thought. God how will I do it, at that point I had successfully learnt no formula and understood so little.

Few days to the exam I could hardly focus all I was thinking of was what was going to happen on that day. I had contemplated going to meet my lecturer and explaining the situation to him requesting any help he could offer, I had gone for tutorials which didn't help me at all, yet my course mates were telling me to come and explain the course! LOL if only they knew. The people I told did not believe me. They would say that's how you will say you don't know it and you'll get an A in the course. In my mind I was hoping that kind of miracle will happen.

The night before the exam there was a final tutorial. I went. After about 35minutes I concluded that the worst had happened. I didn't understand a single thing! I started thinking of carrying little papers that had the formulas written down into the hall, or maybe I would just beg my friends to teach me in the exam hall( things I had NEVER done before) but I knew the kind of friends that I have they would not do that. Then I thought of just copying from whoever I could in the hall. I was desperate. Even in that my condition a few people still whispered that they would need me to coach them later in the night. I didn't even reply. The tutorials were over and I remember my friend (Success) asked me if I learnt a few things I said yes.

On the way back to hall I wept silently. I had never had a carryover in my life, and just about to graduate this now happens. I got to my room and my roomates asked casually how the tutorial was, Fine. I replied.
I decided to take a last look at the past questions and go and sleep. Whatever will be will be. Opening my notes I cried again! Is this how I won't graduate with my mates? Two of my course mates walked in and requested I gave them a tutorial I don't even know the spirit that came upon me. I opened the notes and started teaching them. At a point I was even confused, is this me? Anyway I continued. When I was done they left, and I just prayed for few minutes learnt all the formulas, solved the questions all over. Strangely it seemed quite easy. I was hoping the miracle would continue till after the exams.
The D-day came and I just wanted to write and know I was done with the course. Although I didn't answer the compulsory question properly when I was done with the exam, I knew I couldn't fail. I was so grateful. After the exams we gathered to discuss the questions and I felt good because I seemed to be on the right track.
To cut this long storry short, the results came and I had a B! I was so so so so incredibly excited. Although I do not fully understand how everything seemed so easy that night I was glad that I didn't give up on trying, I was happy my course mates came in that night. And grateful that God stepped in to help. That experience taught me a lesson, even when it seems like you are in the middle of the devil and deep blue sea. Ask the almighty for help. And never give up. I don't know if I will ever do mathematics again( I don't think I want to) But if I have to. I cannot fail.

Remember that you can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens you.
Yours may not  be mathematics but whatever seems overwhelming and scary to you can actually be achieved.
I hope this has helped you somehow!
Please share your thoughts. Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do?

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  1. I have struggled with maths before and I know you will probably laugh thinking it's a joke. I have struggled with many subjects but you God had a way of helping His children such that in the end you feel soooooo foolish for doubting Him even if it was just for a milli second. However, we must learn to stop worrying even if it is maths or physics or economics so that we won't offend God.

    1. WHATEVER it is. He is able! Thank you for sharing dear

  2. Seconded @Ife.....before we face the challenge, he already knows. The battle is won before we get to the battle ground if only we believe......our intentions is well know to him

  3. I love music but definitely not the study of it as a proper subject (hemi demi semi quaver... Jargon), so while in Primary 5, I did not understand even as little as an iota of all we were being taught. I complained to my class teacher, on the day we were to have our exam on music, that I knew absolutely nothing about music. In fact I was always playing the fool with friends whenever our music tutor came to class. As I stared at the question paper, I knew I had to pray at that moment. I had been taught, by my mum, to pray before writing any exams but although I always did, I never really believed much that it changed anything because I usually would "dust" the exams. Now, I really needed to know the supernatural help prayers could render. Well I wrote whatever nonsense I could come up with and was expecting a zero score, but the music tutor came into my class later that same day, called out my full name and demanded to know who bore that name. At this point, I was so sure I had performed woefully so that he was compelled to come find out who the dullard was. My class teacher thought the same thing as me and told the tutor that I had already complained to him that I didn't understand a thing he's been teaching. The music tutor, in amazement, gaped and said in quite a corrective tone, "Say what?! He's the only one who had a 100 percent!" I knew that day, in a new way that there are powers and there's a living God.

    1. Loool at the hemi demi semi quavers. Most of the time we are the ones who limit our testimonies and the things we can receive from him. He can do ALL! Thank you for sharing.


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