Tuesday, 25 August 2015

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I  want to be very sincere with you. I do not know about you but there are times when I talk to my friends or look up somebody’s profile on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or I read about somebody and I feel intimidated. The intimidation comes not because I am not happy or proud of the person if its some one I know, but because I feel like other people are achieving their dreams and probably fulfilling purpose and I am still stuck in my own world wondering what I am going to do. Have you ever felt that way?

I feel even more intimidated if the person is still really young. It is almost like I hear my inner self saying Dotun that is your mate o and you are still behaving like a local champion. It is not like I am not doing what I believe is what I am called to do but maybe at that point it seems like my progress is slow.
Sometimes I feel like it is because of the stage I am in life. I am almost done with youth service and although I am excited about the future and opportunities that will come there is this fear of the unknown. It feels like I am going to be totally on my own and the whole world is watching to see my manifestation. There are times when I feel like I am doing the right thing and then I look at the next person beside me who seems to have more opportunities, the right people as friends and acquaintances, more outspoken, more beautiful, more intelligent, better ideas, rich parents and I just feel incompetent, unlucky maybe or is it that I am not doing something right. 
Everyone has it all figured out, or so it seems, and it looks like I am the only one. Although some of the people around me kinda think I have it all together, but when I hear my friends talk about masters, marriage, their fashion line, their singing prowess it’s almost like what can I do flawlessly that people will notice. Sometimes it can even be your family member that seems a little bit intimidating. I think it happens to the best of us. But how to deal with it is the solution. 

The first thing I have learnt that not everyone who seems to have it all together really does. Everyone is on a journey, we are undergoing a process. It is important to only get inspired from other people’s success ad forge ahead rather than sulking when things do not seem to be working out for you. 
My consolation at such periods is that I have learnt to understand that I am in no competition with anyone. We all have different lives to lead, different my purpose is not the same as my friends and to truly be happy and fulfilled I first have to be grateful; for what I have now and then focus to get all I should. 

I know that I should never compare my beginning with someone else’s middle. While some of us discover purpose earlier and fulfill it, it may take time for the next person. I do not have to get married when my friends are, I should kill myself to go for a masters because everyone around me is, I don’t need to sing like the next person. As long as I am striving everyday to be the best version of me that I can be and become all that the master has designed me to become I will be eternally grateful!

Just follow the master plan for your life, you can never go wrong and if you do not know it Find it out!!!
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Do you ever feel this way? I will love to read your experience too. Kindly share with us by commenting!

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  1. EXACTLY!!!!! there is Only one person YOU!!! NO COMPETITION it is never gonna help.....
    Nice!!!! Proud of you!!!

  2. Peter probably thought he was the worst of the disciples, having denied Jesus three times, but the way Jesus saw it was totally different. He said, ". . when you are strengthened, restore your brethren..." So he was soon to become a life coach to others who would in time have their issues. The master, as you have called him, is the only accurate determinant of who's rightly acting out their own scripts.

  3. It happens to most people. It takes one who can look beyond the obvious and look into God's word to see the truth.


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