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I know it has been so long since I posted please forgive me!
Thank you soooooo much for visiting the blog today. I hope you learn something o.
Some of us will have to unlearn and learn again.
If you asked a question, I hope the answer our relationship expert gives will be sufficient enough if not you can ask further questions.

I decided to allow people ask questions because I realize that so many of us have no one to ask and others are just confused. A few think they know but they do not. I believe that as children of the Heavenly Father, there is a standard he has set and we are called to uphold it, although its never easy o. My mum always says that her mum will tell her why smell or taste what you are not going to eat now?

I have no objections to relationships but there definitely has to be boundaries else we would just have so so many regrets.  Funny enough these boundaries are to protect us o. I don't believe in kissing, having sex, dark places and all those things and jeeez its soooo hard.
Sometimes I'm like 'hahan what iz it sef' . But I know its possible. You are worth too much my dear.

To my fellow ladies let no guy start telling you that boring line of proving your love for him, love is patient  o. Aint nobody growing to browse my body without marriage! I am God's princess. I deserve better and so do you. My talk is becoming too much.

The questions featured here were asked by readers and answered by Pastor Scott Odigie, who is a relationship expert, youth pastor, husband of ONE, father and mentor to many. 

1. What advice do you have for getting into relationships early?

 The issue is not about getting into a relationship early, but about being matured enough to make quality decisions and the ability to take responsibility for the consequences that may likely follow. 1 Corinthians 13:11

2. If you're not sure it's the will of God, like you don't hear expressly from God, what can you do?

 Firstly, I would suggest you take out some time to respond to these questions:
could you guarantee the success of such relationship, taking into consideration the scripture that says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9
Would you be able to manage the consequences of your decision that is based on the foundation of inaccuracy of God’s will?
My sincere advice for you is to be patient to develop an intimate relationship with God. Please understand that hearing from God is not a gift but the privilege right of every believer.

3. Is it good to keep someone at bay if you guys aren't ready to make it official? What are the boundaries and all?

 Keeping a distance or going on recess in relationship is one of the signs of immaturity and the inability to accept responsibility. Some of the reasons why most people keep such distance is either because of their inability to manage their sexual emotions when under pressure or the loss of interest.

But it necessary you understand that even before you make it official, you could set goals (personal development, financial, career, spiritual etc.), and create a system of vision, values and principles that would make your relationship more fulfilling and purposeful; thereby preparing yourselves for the “official.”

SOME BOUNDARIES you could set for yourselves are:

#Avoid words that could arouse sexual feelings.
#Avoid all forms of romantic affairs such as kissing, fondling of sensitive parts of the body.
#Avoid sleeping together on same room together.
#Avoid keeping late nights and many others

4. ‎Is it good to collect my boyfriend’s money...?

Collecting cash gifts is not the issue. Sometimes it could either be right or wrong. The issue is: The gift of a man makes room for him according to scriptures. Accepting gifts could blur your vision, make you insensitive to the wrongs, and incapacitate you from making the right decisions; thereby making you a slave. You should use wisdom in doing that.

5. Is kissing and touching allowed in a serious relationship‎ even though we are Christians?

Nope. Kissing and touching is never allowed in courtship, dating or whatever you call it for a child of God. It is fundamentally designed for the married! Just as the scripture informs us that, marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled.

6. A friend of mine was in a relationship some years back, she really loves this guy but during the time they were dating the girl visited the guy, they were both carried away and they had sex. After the whole issue the guy told the girl that he made a covenant with God not to have sex with any girl until his wedding day. Not that he has not had sex before, but it's been long he did it that both asked for forgiveness from God but the guy told the girl to keep her distance and move on with her life, but the girl still loves him and it's been two years. Please what should the girl do?

 From the question, it could be depicted that the guy is someone of weak character strength, insincere, dishonest and unfaithful in his decision. You need to understand that you won’t be married to God on earth but to a human. Entering a covenant with God of such magnitude without informing the lady was questionable. If he was sincere enough, he would have confided in her, in other for both of them to be accountable to God and themselves.
My sincere advice for her, is to move ahead with her life, retrace her steps back to God, develop and prepare herself for the future. But she must understand that love is beyond having nice feelings towards someone; it is commitment! The guy has proven by his attitude.

That is all for now...

The series would be completed in the next post.
Thank you so much for reading. Please do not forget to drop your comments, I definitely want to hear what you think. 

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  1. Hmmmn...quite enlightening

  2. Great!!! Insightful, love the way he answered the number 4 question and for the number 5 (hmm!!! Na one thing they lead to something).....

    Lol @ 'browse my body'.......

  3. Girls should learn how to detect the meaning behind some gifts. Also when you say no you don't need to start explaining yourself.


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