Thursday, 11 June 2015


There is always one person that is always on my prayer list no matter what. Not because she has so much problems that need to be solved but because she’s so much of a blessing to me. I feel greatly indebted to her.
Mrs. Folasade Adejoorin is extremely beautiful, although she uses little or no make-up. She is a joy to be with. I can’t help but love her. This love probably is not just as a result of the fact that she carried me for nine months, several mothers do, but because of every other thing she has done say that’s for me since I was born. 

When I was still very young, I remember you helping me read, singing with me, helping with assignments, attending school functions.

My mother is a classical example of selfless. Ever since daddy left, you have shown extra love, extra care, extra support, given extra advice. I know it was definitely hard for you to become a dad and continue being a mum, but you have put in your best. So many times you have chosen to pay my fees and that of my sisters over buying new clothes, shoes or making a new hair. Several times you have put us first in your plans.
You take time out of no time to still talk to us, and ensure that my sisters and I are not just your daughters but your friends. In the past three years, we have become your closest associates and gist partners because of Daddy’s passing. We talk about almost everything boys, money, family, career, dreams, food, television programs, marriage, Nigeria, church, Daddy and too many others to mention. 

You are the first to believe in our dreams and vision. The way you back me up when I participate in social media competitions is simply amazing. The reason why you believe soooo much in my blog is still a mystery to me.  You support Ife when she represents her school in various competitions; you are ever ready when Demilade needs you. 

You do your best to teach us in the way of God. (A legacy that Daddy left behind) Most times I hear you pray for us in your room during your personal prayers.

Despite all this you find time for ministry. I have been blessed by your ministrations too many times. Many may not know you but those of us that know you, call you blessed. I believe that you are extremely blessed.

You are a hard worker, a wonderful writer, you have foresight. Ever ready to learn and improve, you allow us correct you and you take to our corrections. You are resourceful, kind, strong, extremely intelligent and caring. 

You are a great manager. Sometimes you manage the little resources in the house so well and I’m amazed. Even when you seem to be losing faith when things are bad you never want us to. You never fail to tell us that we have so much potential in us and you are willing to do whatever it takes to help us get there.

Happy birthday to the most selfless Mum in the world. I’d choose you a million times over any mum. Love you.  – Ifeoluwakiisi 

A mama like no other. I’m really grateful that of all the babies in heaven, He gave me the privilege of being born by you.  I absolutely loooooooove you. Happy birthday Mummy!- Oluwademiladeogo 

Happy Birthday Mummy! We (your daughters) love you very much. You can’t even imagine how much. We are extremely grateful for everything and we know that ALL your dreams will come true. Thank you for making so much impact in our lives and in the lives of others! God bless you! 


  1. Shout out to all the wonderful mothers out there. Even if no one appreciates you, God does.

  2. Indeed!!! a mother like no other.... A mother as well as a father.... Not an easy task raising your daughter's most expecially in a godly way.

    I doff my Hat ma!!!


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