Monday, 8 June 2015

Good morning! How are you doing today?
How was your weekend? 
Congratulations to everyone who graduated from Babcock University yesterday! Welcome to this new phase of your life! Did you miss my convocation pictures? Click here

This is another episode of my weekend lessons and I hope you do learn something.

My weekend was quite eventful.  Apart from my normal routine, I attended a Sisters Conference and it was awesome! I learnt a few things during the weekend and I want to share it with you.


1.I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! Yeah I know this sounds like the normal stuff people say, but let me explain what I mean. There’s usually Bible Study in my house on Friday and this past Friday, I was asked to speak on the topic ‘Deliverance’ and I was like ehn! Me keh, speak on deliverance. I can’t o. in my mind I was like why would Rabbi(bible study coordinator) ask me to take the topic, why can’t he do it o. But since he insisted I agreed. I had no choice but to ask God for 'special' grace. But it was awesome! It was as interactive as possible and I even learn't a lot during the study. 

2.There are times when people think they know you and feel they know enough about you  to say stuff that is not even true. The solution my dear is to forgive their ignorance. The last thing you need is any form of bad energy around you. Sometimes what they say may really hurt your person but its better you just shake it off and move on, it’s part of becoming mature.

3.Don’t underestimate people. Not now, not ever. when I agreed to attend the conference, I did not think I was going to learn so much. I went because I did not want to disappoint those who invited me.I didn’t think it was going to be awesome. I expected it to be just ok at best. Hence, I did not go with high expectations. I honestly do not know why I felt that way because, I love programs that teach me on how to become the woman God wants me to be. But this one didn’t appeal so much to me. However the program blew me away a billion times over. I learnt soooo many new things. Things that I will share with the ladies soon so please watch out.

Thank you for reading, I hope you learnt something? 
I would love to know how your weekend went, please leave your comments below!( Note: If you are finding it hard to comment, click on the comment as box and try commenting using your name or anonymous.)

Have a fantastic week ahead!

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  1. May you continue to enjoy blissful weekends

  2. My weekend.....? Unlike yours, mine was not really eventful. Just read my books and went for choir rehearsal in the eve. But I love how you spent yours.

  3. There is sense in every nonsense.....


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