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Hello dear! 

Welcome to the first episode of Hello Graduate! This series will focus on :Life after school, the big question, After graduation, what NEXT? and so many other things. 
You know, the joy of being a graduate can easily be eroded by the 'real world'. 
So what is the solution?

This is dedicated to the Class  of 2015 and every graduate out there! 

Enjoy, Be inspired. 

Today we will start the series  with two graduates who share their experience on life after school and so many other things. If you are a fresh graduate please learn what you can from them, in your fianl year read and be inspired, if you are already in the system, there are still some things you can lean too, you can also relive memories!

I hope you enjoy reading.

Hello! Please can you introduce yourself?

My name is Okeowo Davies, I am an entrepreneur. I graduated from Osun state University in 2012.  

  • What have you learnt from life after school?
I’ve learnt that the real value of university is in the experience and contact you gain not in the education itself. The world after school is completely different from the world in it. 
  • What do you mean by the world after school?
The world after school is the beginning of your real education.School is not the real education. Life after school will teach you so much more than you can ever learn from school. I do not believe that school adequately prepares you for the real world. 
  • So what do you miss most about being in school?
I miss the controlled environment and the student politics. 
  • What do you enjoy most about being a graduate? 
The freedom to act towards the attainment of my dreams!
  • What is your candid advice to fresh graduates?  
I have learnt that your certificate is only an indication that you have certain skills and can perform certain tasks. If in the end you cannot perform, you are a waste of space.

Meet Frank Success, a 2014 Amethyst  graduate of  Babcock University.

  • What do you miss most about being a student? 
I miss  popsy giving me pocket money as a student.
  • Please can you share a personal experience with us?
Something happened recently that really hit me.  I traveled home for my birthday and wanted to go to a motherless babes home to celebrate it, my parents were hardly bothered. It was not so much of a problem to me because I had made plans for that day already. When I was to go back to my Place of Primary Assignment I was broke but since my dad was going to take me to the airport, I was hoping to get some change from him at the very least, I didn't mind if it was going to be 'manage your self money' or 'just hold this' money. We drove all the way to the airport and my dad talked about every other thing but money! but I was determined not to ask, after all he always gave me something when I was going back to school. We got to the airport, he asked if I was OK and then....zoomed off.  WHAAAAAAT! my heart skipped a bit literally. I did not withdraw the little I had in the bank the day before because I felt I had some hope. That day it hit me that they (my parents) now see me as on my own. Who I'm I to think otherwise.
  • Please can you briefly explain what life after school mean to you?
Life after school for me was a phrase that was overused in my final year in school. Everyone referred to the phrase, yet I didn’t get it. Then they’d say I’m going into the ‘real world’ and I’ll ask myself am in the fake world or something? I thought it was just a cliché from those who gave advice but now I know better.
Life after school is life on your own. Life as an adult with little or no support from your parents. Life after school is decision making, decisions that will make or mar your future. It is a life of mistakes, corrections, mistakes and corrections again. Life after school is responsibility. 

 You are not reading to pass anymore but building to ‘BE’ Life after school is no escape. It’s a time to coin your own path! It’s time to begin to send money to people not only to receive, a time to budget and save. It’s a time to know who you call friends. It’s a time of maturity. 

For me life after school has been exciting, scary, gloomy, then exciting again, fun, full of anxiety, uncertainty, carefree, responsibility and caution 
  • What do you enjoy most about being a graduate? 
Freeeeeeedom, especially since I went to a religious private school. Now I make my decisions as to what to eat, wear, if I want to go to church and so many other things. Life for me is more realistic and I am enjoying every bit of it. 
  • What is your advice to fresh graduates?:
Life after school is not just a phrase, it is a reality! There is life after school, prepare your mind to face it. It’s another phase of your life but take it one day at a time. Make a resolve to impact every little world you find yourself, it will give you a sense of responsibility and fulfillment. This is what keeps me smiling. 

Please be real with God, let him know your struggles, your pain, your weaknesses, do not let go of him.
I’m enjoying my life after school, I hope you do too. 

Thank you for reading!
I hope you have learnt something! The series continues so watch this space!!!
You can share your personal experience in the comment box. If you area fresh graduate and want to be featured in the next episode please send your details to adejoorinadedotun@yahoo.com

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  1. Olori I love that part about your dad and driving you to the airport. I had similar experience with my uncle. I lost both mum and dad since childhood and since then my sibs and I have been living with family members. Big uncle has been there for me since primary school till I got admission to study English in a college of education. After graduation he called and told me that he's done with me that whatever other things I want to do, I'm now on my own!
    Can you believe that? It would have been better if I'm a degree holder but I NC?! I wanted to tell him that that is not much hope for me with that kind of certificate but then I realized that he had sacrificed so much for me to be educated. I felt as if I'm alone in the world and lost hope. But I told myself that he had laid the foundation for building a bright future and the rest is in my hands! So I'm prepared to 7go beyond where he stopped. Life after school is a completely different situation.

    1. Oromidayo! You know most people expect that maturity comes immediately after graduation so don't bleame your uncle so much for that. I'm sure that you will achieve great things as long as you are prepared to work for it. Thank you for sharing. See you at the top.

  2. Life After Grad is the real life oo..... The determinant, no more mummy's favourite or daddy's boy. Any decision you take @ this stage is OYO


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