Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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How has your day been?
Mine has been tremendously awesome! (Yep it was that good).
Today I want to speak on something that I've been guilty of for a looooooooooong time. But I have changed o, I hope you will too.
I was reading through someone's post where she wrote a tribute to a dear one and although I felt bad the person had died (the way you feel when you read such things) one sentence particularly struck me. She said she was sorry she had not kept in touch. Hmmmm.
I had to literally start taking a mental note of people in my life that I appreciate but hardly tell.
Most times we are so busy searching for money that we tend to momentarily forget people around us. Africans generally or let me say most people ( although not deliberately) do not appreciate their loved ones until the person dies and then thy start pouring accolades! Please don't misquote me, pouring accolades at such times is good oh! in fact very good but it will have been much better if done while the person was still alive.

I learn't one Yoruba proverb that says 'Yin ni yin ni ka lese mi si' (praise a person so he can do more)
are you in this situation? Do you tend to take the people in our life for granted because you feel they will always be there? This isn't in any way saying you will loose any of your loved ones, abeg o! but why wait till someone is dead before you buy them flowers? What are they going to use the flowers for biko?
How many flowers did you give them while they were alive?

Too many times we are too busy to make a phone call, send a text message, visit those we appreciate. some of us even visit in our mind ( but never actually practicalize the visit)  Don't wait till mothers mothers day before you tell your mum you love her. Ehen! Mother's Day was a few days back, how many people called their mum's?
You know when my grandpa died, all I was saying was I wish I called more.
I refuse to be guilty of this again.
So to my  family, friends and my dear readers!I really, really, genuinely, sincerely appreciate you!

Even in your busy schedule, please take the time out and at least send a message to appreciate the people in your life. And never let too much time pass before you do again.
Keep in touch as much as possible!

Thank you for reading!
Please leave your comments? Are you guilty, if you are, what is your resolution today?
I will loooove to get your feed back!


  1. Great......we should always appreciate what we have and not when it looks like we are loosing it...
    God bless you

    1. Guilty as charged.... though many times its not deliberate... maybe i should have a timetable for calls, sms... mite probably work

    2. Loooool! Most of us are guilty as charged o! I hope you change!

  2. A simple "Thank you", is sometimes what we need to stir up a desire to do and act more. It might not nessearily be a Long accolade. But how about telling people close to us ; Thank you for been a friend; Thank you for the good time we had; Thank you for drawing out time to have fun with me.
    I strongly believe, if WE learn how to give simple compliments, how to appreciate others; we stir them to be a better version of whom God wants them to be.

    Oloriadedotun, thanks for always telling us(Your readers) " Thanks for stopping by".

  3. So true. Let me use this avenue to appreciate her excellency, the olori of asiri blog

  4. Sometimes the condition we face in reality does not warrant we sparing our precious time to appreciate someone but when look deep down we end up using more time to appreciate the person when the need arises....

    For instance, Mr A and Mr B has a friend Mr C, Mr B once in a while do check on Mr C but Mr A doesn't..... One day the need arises for Mr A to request for something important from Mr C and what was needed from him won't be available till the weekend, so he asked him to come by the weekend to get it but coincidentally Mr B also needs this very thing and called Mr C if he can get the stuff from him.... Without racking the brain, I guessed we all know what exactly is gonna happen?

  5. We can't boast of loving our maker, whereas our relationships lack the lustre that only love can produce.


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