Monday, 18 May 2015

Good evening dear!
Happy New Week!!!!!!
How did your weekend go?  

Mine was almost perfect, except for the fact that the Power Holding Company of Nigeria in Owo, Ondo State decided to put us all under a terrible and wicked punishment! (I know we don’t have constant power supply in Nigeria, but haba with this fuel scarcity?) There was no light for ALMOST the entire weekend. The light was restored late Sunday evening.
As I earlier stated, my weekend was almost perfect. I had time to relax and reflect. 

I want to share some of the things I learnt with you.
1.      Do not EVER put so much trust in people! They are only human and they can fail! Only God promises and does NOT fail. 

2.      No two people are alike! Do not except people to react to things the way you do. Everyone is their own kind of person. 

3.      I am very bad at sleeping early and it ALWAYS affects me the next morning! It is almost like I am having a hangover or something. I have to work on that. 

4.      I have to reduce the intensity of my voice when I am just trying to make a point and people around me just do not get it. They start telling me to calm down! When I am not even angry, and that is where the wahala now starts from. I will now say in a louder voice ‘Who said I am angry?’Lol you know I am working towards being the Proverbs 31 woman. 

5.      I  learnt a new song and I am looooooving it! The song is not new but I just learnt it . Still by Hillsong. It has encouraged me in this walk with God. Sometimes I just feel like I am overwhelmed by too many things. May be too many for me to handle. Sometimes it even seems like I am drowning but I am learning to be STILL and Know that He is God! It is a journey to perfection and whatever storm or flood may come my way I know He is King and even over the flood.

       My Sunday dress!!

 Other pictures! 

Oloriadedotun and Niyi

 Bukola ,Oloriadedotun and Onyinye

I hope you learn't something!
How did your weekend go? Please leave your comments in the box. ( If you are having issues, you can comment as anonymous, just click on the drop down  box tagged  'comment as')
 Enjoy the rest of your day and make the best use of your week!



  1. So you have finally shared your finance with us bcos you have never done that. So his name is Niyi. Congrats dear! Nice write up keep it up oloriadedotun

    1. My dear reader! Thank you for the comment on the article! The guy in the picture is my friend oooo! He's a member of the family house!

  2. Good job madam. Say hi to owo people o and to that man holding you as I can see you were filled with laughter hmmmmmmmm

    1. Loooool. It's a picture na? Why shouldn't I smile? I will say hi to those people sha! Thanks

  3. Hmmm your friend indeed, na person bf bdat u dey appreciate now o. Wen odas starty to dey appreciate yurown na the end of story o. Lol. Nice one madan olori

  4. Tolu must not see dese ignorant comments... Niways friendship mi i love ur outfit (Mummy G. O)

  5. Looooooooooooool! Na correct ignorant comment. Thank you jare. Funny enough he saw it o!

  6. Looooooooooooool! Na correct ignorant comment. Thank you jare. Funny enough he saw it o!

  7. Please do not vex the main man with all these false rumours
    I am not there.

  8. I grew up with a believe that if something promised by someone hasn't come into light then their is no need rejoicing because it may or may not come true.... Human beings are very very unreliable no matter how they are close to you.... Na God sure Pass!!!

    It is only God that can promise you a thing or two and you can go ahead rejoicing despite it not in reality yet because he is the same God yesterday, today & forever...

  9. Nice and glowing like it


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