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This is the second part of the story I started few days back. If you missed the first part, please check here

Entering Senior Secondary School, I was determined, things were going to change! I was full of hopes and ready for business. I decided to go to the Arts department because I knew next to nothing about Math, (in fact I had a phobia for it) knew next to nothing about Science but at least knew a little bit of English and loved Literature. However it didn’t just work! 

I struggled to read, understand and put down what I could remember but there was nothing to show for it. My sister was now in JSS1 (same school) and was doing excellently well! My primary school mate (who was the Head boy then and was also academically good) was also in my secondary school and was the best in Science class! So what was my problem! Every time my parents were invited to school as a result of one achievement made by my sister or my teachers compared our intellects it would remind me of what I could not do. Crying nights after nights or trying to calculate my scores few days before each valedictory service just to see if I would get one prize after another struggling brought nothing. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I had prayed severally and begged God for just one prize to show for my hard work (even if it was most improved student), but it never happened. Never!  

During my WASSCE exams my parents did everything they could to help me, I also tried my best to read well and prepare but the results were far from pleasant. D7, E8 and lots of Cs with a few Bs and A1 in Yoruba was the end result.(Oh Lord! what else could I do?) 
Getting admission to the university was by grace but I had no idea what to do next. I was scared if secondary school was this way, what would the university, full of many more people with brains, offer me. However something strange happened, my father called me one day and said that the only thing I should do when I get to the university is come back with a first class! What!!!! (this man must be joking) abi what else could I think? With my track record? I had completely lost hope in myself and just wanted to go and come out with a certificate maybe a second class upper. He told me that getting a first class would not be easy but that he was sure I could do it! LOL. I was amazed, he then told me of all the amazing things that could happen if I had a first class. Although I had no idea how I was going to do that at least it put ideas into my head more importantly it gave me hope and confidence that there was still something left inside of me. 
In My first lecture I saw a quote ‘your first class begins with your first class’ and I was geared up for success! I prayed, went to class, did assignments, read, and every other thing needed but the results didn’t just add up! I was torn, disappointed and emotionally drained! What else was left to do? Nothing was working anymore! 

Although disappointed, my parents encouraged me to continue. In Second semester, with a lot of disappointment I continued my routine, the results were much better but I had not reached the goal.
Before I began my second year I went through a stage, one where I decided that I would not stop, I decided that it was either I got the first class or the heavens will open. (Yes o, it was that bad) I was set on change and nothing was going to stop me. I did not come this far just to give up. By the time my second year started I was ready for whatever the lecturers had planned. I studied more, listened more and prayed even more. The results came and YES! 
 Final part in a bit... 

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