Wednesday, 6 August 2014

This blog is passionate writing to inspire change in the Nigerian youth. 
We are not just leaders of tomorrow but leaders today. 
I believe that what we do not only affects our present but invariably our future.
There will be articles on leadership, relationship, lifestyle and a host of others as time goes by. This is because the aim in the end is to create a properly balanced individual.
Please enjoy the blog, you can take notes and apply them in your everyday life. (I am doing just that) Don’t forget to leave your comments! 

NOTE : I am particularly interested in young women as a result, there will be a little more emphasis on them.

I am Adedotun Adewunmi Adejoorin, a young leader, presently serving Nigeria in Owo, Ondo State.
I love people, especially children, I love fashion, (ok... I still have a whole lot of learning, to do, but I am doing quite well! I guess) I love God, I love Nigeria and la famille!
I kinda like a whole lot of things especially at this stage of my life, I sing, I write, I speak, I cook, I care! The list keeps going on! I am creative! 

I believe in ME! I believe in Nigeria, I believe in Africa  I definitely believe in you. I know that there are so many talents yet to be tapped into in Nigeria. Yours, may be one of them. 
My dream is to inspire and help you do that.
I am  nothere yet, but I am greatly inspired by young women fulfilling purpose.

I am Adedotun determined to inspire change and add value to this generation and the ones unborn, I believe that change begins with MOI 
Thank you!!!

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  1. The preamble is enough to get me interested.

  2. Papa's like us nko? Shey the blog is not for us nii abi is me that don't know how to comprehend? 'I sing, I write, I speak, I cook, I care....I am creative *Eyes rolling

    Well, all these are reflecting here from my readings so far except for I sing, I cook.... Maybe one of this days, you should try and give us a tip of the iceberg on these two.....I will personal love it if you can show us your cooking skills (like a tutorial) and also if you can drop your pen for the mic for a moment.
    Producers await you and you never can tell..... We might as well have #OloriAdeDotun'skitchen#winks


Your feedback is super dupa important to me. I will be glad to know what you think! Thank you for your time!

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